Monday, 27 October 2008

Again from the master.

I walk in the door from a busy day, and you can tell I am stressed and tired. You smile and try to ask me how my day was, but I grab you and throw you to the floor and I rip your blouse and dress off as I slap your face and tell you how dirty you are. I slap my cock against your face and I shove it in your mouth as I spank your little clit and pussy. I tell you how you are going to be a wild and dirty slut for me tonight, the likes the world has never seen. I roll you over and I shove my cock in your ass and I start to pound away, spanking your ass and pulling your hair as I ride you hard. I pinch and spank your clit and I make you tell me how nasty and dirty you are as I pop the head of my cock in and out of your ass. Finally I roll you over and I shove my cock in your mouth as I unload a massive amount of of cum down your throat. I lay back and I catch my breath, and I smile a wicked smile as I tell you we are only beginning to have fun tonight. I take you back to the bathroom and I pick out a little sundress for you to wear, no bra and no panties. I pull out your high heels and I tell you to clean up and get dressed. I specifically order you to have that little asshole of yours clean for the night before we leave. I go to the kitchen and I pack up 2 cases of beer and a small box that is about 12 inches by 12 inches. You come out and the beer is ready so I grab the box and we go to the car. In the car, I play with your little pussy and I have you suck me some. You are very curious what is in the box, but I simple say you will find out. We pull up to the University, and you have a funny look on your face, I smile and simply say, we were invited to a frat party. I tell you a bunch of my old fraternity brothers are here and there is a bachelor party later tonight, so I thought we would stop by for a few drinks. We walk into the door and up to the lounge room. There are bout 20 to 30 college guys and an occasional older guy standing around drinking beer. All eyes turn to you when we walk in and you suddenly feel like a piece of meat in a pack of wolves. We drink and I walk you around the room, pinching your tits and occasionally lifting your dress so the guys can see your ass. I then have the bachelor sit a chair in the front of the room. The music is turned on, and I tell you to dance and strip for him. I whisper in your ear that you are going to fuck every guy in here, starting with the bachelor. I walk over and I pull out the box you have been so curious about and I open it. Inside there are about 100 condoms of all sizes and colors. I yell to the room, that all your holes are open for business, but the rules are as follows: 1) condoms for your ass and pussy and 2) they have to cum in your mouth. The next 3 hours are a blur as you get pounded over and over and over. You look over a me from time to time, and I am loving it all. I have been taking pictures and making movies, recording how perfect of a slut you truly are. After about 3 or so hours, I can tell you are exhausted, so I take you to the bathroom to shower and clean up. We ride home with a huge grin on our faces, as I tell you how proud your Master is of you!!! You are the perfect slut and Master is so proud to have you as is!!Master T


024-vi, originally uploaded by britgirl085.

Fucking amazing.

Friday, 24 October 2008

Another email from my Master.

I am a Kinky and wild Master my dear. An example of the way your life would be is as follows: I tell you we are going out tonight, but I will not tell you where when you ask me. I pick out a sun-dress and tell you to wear it, with no bra and no panties. During the drive to our destination, you keep asking me where we are going. I put my hand between your legs and I start rubbing your clit. I smile a wicked smile as I say " if my little slut does not quit asking, I will have to pull over and give her pussy a hard spanking. As I say this I give your clit a big hard squeeze which brings a little yelp from you. I then continue to rub and play with your pussy getting you very wet, but I keep stopping just before you cum. We finally arrive at a 5 star hotel and I smile at you as I say "this will be a lovely evening my beautiful little slut. I hope you are hungry!" I walk up to the front desk and I check us into the hotel. I have arranged for us to have a room with a window facing the main boulevard in front of the hotel. You look at me as we go up, and then you ask if we are having dinner in the hotel, to which I crack a jesterly smile as I say, "you will eat and be eaten my slutty dear!" We walk into the room and as I close the door I pull you to me and I kiss you passionately. I then grab your hair and pull your head back. I grab your tits through your dress and I kiss you again. I look into your eyes and I say " I want you to be a wild nasty slut for me...the nastier the better. Do you understand?" You nod yes. I rip your dress of and I throw you on the floor. I pin you down and I then reach into the goody bag I brought with us. I pull out rope, a ball gag, blind fold, crop and a huge metal butt plug. I tie your arms and your legs, then I lift you and throw you on the bed. I stick the butt plug in your mouth and then I stick it in our ass. It causes you to let loose a small scream of delight and pain. I then blind fold you. I start whipping you with the crop. Your tits, your ass, your pussy and your back. I then walk in front of you and I shove my cock down your throat. You suck me for a few minutes, then I walk behind you, remove the butt plug and plug your ass with my big cock. I fuck you for a few minutes as I spank your ass and I ask you "do you want to beg your Master for cock? Are you a cock whore and slut for your Master?" You say you are and beg me for cock. I pull my cock out of your ass, replacing the butt plug, and then walk around in front of you and stick my cock down your throat. I slap your face as I tell you to suck the juice off my cock. I then step back, and I zip my fly back up. I turn on some music, and then I pull you off the bed and onto the floor. I tell you to stay put and not to make a sound. I give your ass one good last whipping with the crop. I walk to the door to the room and I open it. As I had arranged, 10 men are waiting outside the door. They range in age from 50 to 65. Old men. Men that would never be able to touch a woman like you if you where not my slut. They walk in quietly and they each pull their cocks out as they make a circle around you. I motion them to move forward. They stop inches from you, at which point I tell you to lean forward. The first 2 cocks brush against your face, then the others move in touching the side of your face and the back of your head. I tell the men that you are my cock whore and cum bag and they can do anything they want to you. For the next 3 hours your are spanked, beat and fucked over and over. You feel as if you have swallowed gallons of cum. As the hours roll by, I finally see you reaching the breaking point. I wave off the men and tell them the night is over. I send them out the door. I pick you up and I carry you to the bathroom, where I run a bath for you and I help you clean up. We take a long hot bath together. As we soak in the hot water I rub your clit until you cum. I then carry you back to the bed, and I fuck your ass and pussy all night long!!

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Becky Shopped.

Just Me.


2384603187_6b26d60a5e_o, originally uploaded by cplntnlooking4u.

This girl is amazing, who is she?

Email today.

Hello Beautiful

Hello my beautiful dear! I am a wild and twisted Master who takes kink to the extreme. If you where my nasty little slut, this is how your life would be!I tell you we are going out, to get the car looked at, because it has not been running very well. It is actually working fine, and you start to question me, so I throw you one the floor and I quickly tie your hands behind you. I gag you and I then start to spank you ass. I take my cock out and I shove it in your ass, as I tell you what a nasty little cunt you are. I pull my cock out and I walk around to your face, remove the gag, and I shove my cock down your throat gagging you. I remind you how bad your punishment is if you puke on my cock. I slap your face with my cock, as I pull your hair. "Do not question your Master my dirty cunt". I pull my cock out of your throat as I say, "You do not deserve your Master's cum yet, as you have not proven yourself to be a dirty slut yet today. Are you ready to prove yourself today?" You beg me to let you show me how nasty of a cunt toy you can be, so I untie you and send you in to put on a sundress, with no bra and no panties. You come out looking beautiful and ready to be my wild slut. We get in the car, and the whole drive to our destination I rub and pull on your clit, bringing you to a peak, but not allowing you to cum. This is one of my favorite ways to torment you and I take great pleasure in it. We pull into a run down auto shop in the downtown area. I tell you to wait in the car as I get out and walk in. Unknown to you, I visited the shop the day before to arrange a playtime for you. Inside the 6 black guys I met the day before are sitting around and laughing and joking around, waiting on the nasty white slut I promised them. I go to get you and I bring you into the work bay where a couple of cars are. I take you to the back area, and I then pull your dress off. You stand there naked in front 6 leering black men, who would never have a chance to touch a white piece of ass like you. I tell the guys I will trade work on the car for your asshole, which is open and ready for abuse. They have one rule, they must all cum in your mouth! I push you into them as I say "Show your Master your worth my dog cunt!" You start to pull their cocks out of their pants and you start sucking black cock. I pull out the video camera to record how well your serve me, so we can review it later and see if you could have been a better whore dog. The guys are pawing at you and trying to shove their huge black cocks in your mouth. Your pussy is wet and they quickly start fucking your little pussy. I look at them and I tell them your asshole is a perfect little white girl ass and to make sure the abuse it good. They are slapping you around and calling you a white slut as they bust all your holes with their huge black cocks. Tears are in your eyes, but I can tell you love it! They fuck you for almost an hour, each one fucking your asshole then cumming in your mouth. At the end, you are a ravaged little white girl full of black cum, like the nasty little cunt you are. I walk over to you and I lift you up and help you put your dress on. I smile at you and say "Master is very proud of you" as I walk you back to the car. We drive home, where I run a bath for you and help you clean up and wash all your holes clean. I then fuck you silly for the next 2 hours while I tell you how proud I am of my dirty little slut! Are you ready for this type of service my little slut?Master T


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Top Milf.

wife4, originally uploaded by gary4funflorida.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008


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Very sexy indeed.


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This is one of the horniest things weve seen in a long time. Well in 10 minutes.

Little Black Dress

Little Black Dress, originally uploaded by georgenkris69.

Stunning women, great set.

Sunday, 19 October 2008

jody creampied by another guy

One of the best post's we have seen.

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Mary, Upskirt.

Mary20060425, originally uploaded by motzl2005.

How horny is she?


M48, originally uploaded by mocs.

So sexy and willing.