Saturday, 13 March 2010

My Fantasy With You Dear Lady.

I arrive at the hotel where we have arranged to meet. You know what is going to happen as we have been talking about it for months, gradually building up to this one day. I give the briefest of light taps on the door and then let myself in through the open door. You are standing with your back to me, looking out of the window and do not turn around. You keep staring through the window as I turn and lock the door, quickly removing all my clothes and standing behind you. Not a word has been spoken yet and you have not looked round to see me.
I slowly walk towards you, standing there in a short black skirt, pretty white blouse, sheer black stockings and strappy black high heels, and slowly and gently rub my hand up your side and I see you shake a little. I wrap my strong arms around your waist and with a little sigh you lean back into me. I softly kiss the back of your neck smelling your pretty perfume and you lean back further into me.
I slowly move my hands up to gently brush over your clothed breasts and feel your nipples harden slightly through the material. I start to unbutton the front of your dress, not rushing and undo your front opening bra, revealing for the first time your beautiful breasts. I rub my palms down over the top of your breasts, briefly brushing over your nipples and then I cup your lovely tits in both of my hands.
Whilst I am holding your breasts in my hand I trace my thumbs around the areola of your nipple, feeling the skin there pucker up and tighten and your nipples harden and begin to protrude more as you give a little whimper.
Reaching from behind you I cup your right breast with my left hand and keep gently teasing the ever hardening nipple whilst my right hand rubs over your belly before going lover, briefly brushing over your pubic mound through your skirt and then carrying on lower. I reach the bottom of the skirt and now start to stroke your stockinged lower thigh.
I slowly reach around more with my right hand and slowly slide it up your inner thigh sliding it up until I reach your stocking tops. I pause there briefly to feel the beautifully soft flesh at the top of your thighs. The skin here on your inner thighs feel so fantastic and I take a deep breath as my hand progresses a little further. Your breathing begins to speed up as my hand reaches your panties and teases the flesh either side of the gusset. I tentatively rub my middle finger onto your covered pussy slit and feel a large moist patch on your tight briefs and I push the material into the slit of your vagina slightly, rubbing my finger slowly up the cleft made in the material, feeling your wetness growing.
You reach around your back now, still not turning around and reach for my semi hard cock, slowly rubbing it until it is diamond hard and I slip your panties to one side to feel your wetness directly. My middle finger slips in effortlessly into your soaking wet cunt and I withdraw it again to rub up your slit and gently massage your hard little clit.
You unfasten your skirt and let it all to the floor and then you slide your panties down your lovely legs and step out of them.
Finally you turn to see me and I drink in the gorgeous sight before me. You are now standing in front of me wearing only your high heels and stockings and we embrace each other and kiss. My hard cock pushing against your belly as I hold you tight.
You lead me to the bed where you lie down, your eyes never leaving me now, and I lie down next to you, stroking your body and finding the source of all that moisture and heat as I rub my fingers over your swollen clitoris in a gentle regular movement and I feel your vagina respond to me and your hips raise slightly to meet my touch.
I slide down the bed and you open your stocking clad legs to reveal your glistening pussy to me and I gently rub your outer vagina lips with my thumbs before gently opening them to reveal your inner lips and part those too and revel in the sight of your freshly shaved open pussy.
I go down and tease you with my tongue, not actually touching your slit but just licking your outer lips and getting near your clit and then retreating from it, until finally my tongue finds your little button and I put my lips over it and suck it gently up into my mouth. I slide my tongue down your slit, down over your little peephole until I come to the warm entrance to your vagina. I tease with my tongue around the entrance to your hole, making it twitch and try to open more, until finally I plunge my tongue into you and you let out a gasp as I taste your sweet pussy juices flowing over my tongue.
I keep alternating between concentrating on your clitoris and pussy hole, also probing into your body with my fingers as you start to moan very slightly. I begin to lick around the little tight bud of your bottom, flicking my tongue over your anus and then back into your cunt and sucking and licking your hard clit. You start to push your pubis up to meet my probing tongue as I stick it repeatedly deeply into your vulva, more and more of your juices flowing freely from your swollen pussy, your lips dark and wet.
I place a pillow under your bottom to raise your hips and allow me access into you more easily as I eat hungrily at your hot dripping pussy. My cock is twitching and is so hard, the end swollen and angry, eager to penetrate you.
I raise myself over you and gaze down at the fantastic body you are going to allow me to penetrate and you move your hands down your body slowly, moving your hands down to your hot cunt and you part your inner lips, showing me your willing entrance as you offer yourself to me.
I place my cock over your opened vagina and a bead of clear precum fluid drips from out of my cock hole and lands on your clit. I reach down and spread the slippery fluid over your clitoris and it juts out eagerly. I place my engorged fat penis head at the entrance to your inviting hole and slide it slowly up and down your slippery slit, over your peephole and rubbing my swollen glistening cock end over your equally aroused clit head, like another little cock above your bubbling vagina.
I stop again at your pussy entrance and look down at you. Your mouth opens slightly as I apply gentle pressure and your cunt opens up to receive my hard cock and with the release of your vagina muscle my rod slips effortlessly up inside you and you give out a gasp and my body melts into the feeling of penetrating your warm welcoming body and I pause in you, letting my cock soak in your accommodating cunt, feeling the ribbed walls of your love tube gripping the shaft of my cock.
I slowly begin to thrust in and out of your body, and you begin to thrust your hips up to meet each of my long strokes, your hard little clit pushing against me with each deep penetration. I quicken my strokes as I feel my balls begin to tighten and you feel the glans on my penis grow even larger inside you and my cock gets harder still.
I can feel a load of hot seed, boiling in my tubes, wanting to squirt up out of my cock end and up into you. I feel my anus start to clench and my balls tighten even further as I let out a strangled grunt as I feel my hot spunk shoot up th length of my cock and out splashing inside your beautiful pussy, gushing out in great pulsed streams into your cunt and covering your cervix and pussy walls. Masses of it spurt up into you until it finally subsides as my thrusting slowly slows down and i breath heavily with the effort of my orgasm.
I slowly withdraw my glistening cock from you and reach for the nearby vibrator. I lie next to you and slowly insert the jelly vibrator into your very wet inseminated cunt. I begin to thrust it slowly in and out of you and then you take over the vibrator and I watch your spunky pussy swallow the rubber cock. I stroke the sensitive skin below your vagina as you push the cock into yourself and then withdraw it totally, showing your open hole to me and a trickle of my seed plops out and runs over your anus as you reinsert the dildo into your gaping pussy. I rub the fresh semen over the little nub of your asshole and push at it gently as you fuck yourself.
Your strokes are getting more desperate as you thrust the vibrator in and out of you while I gently push a sperm covered finger at your tight little anus. Suddenly you push forward and you relax your bottom as the first segment of my middle finger slips into your bottom and you push onto me a little more, relaxing your body as my finger slowly slips into your anus and I feel your dildo thrusts from inside you making my cock begin to harden again. You begin to pant more as each thrust is met by me fingerfucking your ass and I feel the tight little ring begin to grip and relax, grip and relax around my probing finger. I slowly withdraw the finger and you gasp again.
I move up to your head while you still fuck yourself and rubs the head of my once again hard cock over your face and lips and you open your mouth and take the hot cock end and part of my shaft deep into your mouth. As you suck on my cock you I grap your tits in both my hands, rougher than before as your strokes into your pussy get deeper and your body begins to tighten up. I take my cock from your mouth as your body jerks on the bed and your cunt grips around the rubber cock and a deep orgasm overtakes your body.
You lay still for a short while while I stroke your smooth belly and thighs and your breathing steadies until you get your breath back and your hand goes down my belly to feel the shaft of my cock and then further down to cup and gently massage my balls.
Gradually I stand from the bed, unsure what to do next, you get onto all fours, and I see a huge stream of my cock juice pour out of your still open cunt and run down your inner thigh and soak into the thick band at the top of your stocking tops and it looks so erotic I enter you again from behind roughly thrusting my swollen meat into you and start to pump into you again. I look down to seem me entering you and again begin to tease your little bumhole, licking my finger and then slowly and gently introducing it into your bottom.
After a few more minutes of finger fucking your asshole I slowly withdraw my cock from your soaked cunt and begin to rub the head of my glistenind slippery cock over your back entrance.
Slowly I apply gentle pressure to your tight little anus, witing for your acceptance as it should never be forced and enters quite easily once you relax. You slowly push back and I feel your anus begin to dilate for me as the large cockk head slowly spreads your anal sphincter and suddenle gets past its widest and the head of my cock pops into your tight ass. We both pause for a moment and then while I stay still you slowly push back onto me and my cock goes deeper up your back passage.
It feels so hot and tight, totally different to your cunt as your arse grips the whole length of my shaft, each new thrust going a tiny bit deeper up into your forbidden hole. After a few minutes of gentle slow thrusting you push back harder and suddenly my cock slips fully into you, my balls pushed up against your wet cunt and my cock up to the hilt in your body.
I reach over and get my camera from the side and point it down, showing where we are joined and I set it to video mode, and begin to film my thrusts into your tight gripping bottom. I pump into you loving the feel of you occasionally pulling out completely to film your gaping anus, before filming it yielding again to my erect throbbing meat and taking my full length deep thrusts into your bowel.
I then slow my thrusts as I set the camera to play and put it in front of you and reach under to massage your clit while I fuck your arse. I try to time my thrusts to the recorded thrusts, showing you what is happening to you behind and suddenly I feel your asshole tighten around me as an unexpected orgasm rips through you at seeing your own anus being violated in such a rude way and feel the twitches through my cock and you catch me out as I blow yet another heavy load up inside your asshole.
We both fall forward in a heap and my soft cock flops out of your ass and some spunk pours out. We rest a while and then both go and have a shower together, both soaping each others bodies and stroking each other in the warm water. You say you need to pee and open your legs slightly as a warm stream of piss flows between your legs and I place my hand between them, feeling a different warm stream in the shower trickle through my fingers.
We embrace each other in the warm water as I rub your clit as you pee and your hold my cock against your belly as I start to pee too, my pale yelloy stream running down over your belly and down your thighs and we embrace harder. My cock hardening after the piss stops agaist your body. You massage my cock with soap and I get up to full hardness again as you kneel down and take me once again into your hot mouth.
I feel you sucking me in and your tongue teasing my glans head of my penis. The feel of your expert mout is superb and I lose myself in the sensuous erotic feeling as you lick and suck at my whole cock, gently massagin my scrotum and sending shivers of ecstacy through my body, until my cock end expands again showing it is going to cum in your mouth. You do not flinch but just suck harder and more eagerly at this ever hardening penis, unitl with a shout I unload spurt after spurt into your hot skilled mouth and you swallow down my salty seed, sucking the last drops out of my cock when the pulses had stopped.
We both then silently leave the shower and begin to dress, both exhausted and flushed with relief at unloading such huge orgasms with each other who have never met and will now depart and maybe never meet again after such an intimate experience.
Somehow however I don’t think this is the case and I am sure the occasional reunion to go over past times will be in order.


Milf Becky


Becky was sitting alone at the breakfast bar, when I approached her and dropped a note quietly on her table. The note read -

"Becky, I know your husband, Pete. We are old friends. I also know what you did last night. Meet me now in Room 306 or I will tell him EVERYTHING."

Becky almost jumped from her chair. How could he know? Would he really tell Pete?

Then she noticed the room was RIGHT NEXT TO Steve's room! 'Oh no.' she thought. 'He must have heard EVERYTHING! The walls were paper thin!'

She thought back to the night before, still exhausted from the fucking she had gotten from Steve & Paul. They had fucked her again & again in both holes. Her pussy & ass were totally sore. They had called her all those names.....

Becky walked up to the room 306. Her stomach was churning, she was so nervous. What would this guy want? She knocked softly on the door.

"Hello Becky. Come in please. Have a seat." He motioned for her to sit on the bed.

"Ummm....I....uh" Becky stammered nervously.

"Becky, as I mentioned in the note, I am an old friend of your husband Pete. I knew he had married you a while ago, but Pete & I haven't seen each other in a while, so you & I haven't met. I'm Dean." I extended a hand.

"Umm....nice to meet you, Dean."

"Relax, Becky. I didn't mean to startle you so. You really are quite pretty, my dear."

"Thanks. Sir, please, please don't tell my husband."

"Well, that depends on you, Becky. You certainly seemed to enjoy yourself last night. And these THIN. I could hear everything. I could hear the names they called you......I could hear you moaning and sighing.....and screaming. They made you cum, didn't they, Becky?"

Becky didn't know what to say. "Ummmm....I....please don't talk like that to me."

"You didn't mind last night, did you? They called you all those names - Bitch, Whore, Cunt, Slut. And I could hear you begging them to fuck you, Becky." I sat down next to you and placed my hand on your thigh. "Now, here is what we will do, my dear. You are going to undress and let me do everything that those weasels did last night. Everything! If you refuse, I tell Pete the whole story. Agreed?"

Becky started to cry. "No....noooo...please. I don't even know you.....and I'm very sore. Please nooo."

"Too Bad...You are very pretty, but I will just have to tell Pete." My hand rubbed your thigh. It slid higher up just under the hem of your tight skirt.

"Ummmm....please don't....don't tell him...I...."

"Perhaps it can be our secret, Becky." I slid my hand even higher under your skirt and felt the front panel of your panties. My other hand grabbed one of your tits and squeezed it hard.

" don't....."

I pushed you back onto the bed and slipped my finger under the legband of your panties, stroking your swollen pink pussy lips.

"Noooo.....please.....I'm SO sore."

Ignoring your pleas, I flipped you over onto your belly. I unzipped your dress from the back and unhitched your bra. I began to peel the tight dress off of your body and slid it down over your curvy hips and down your legs. You wriggled wildly trying to get away, but I held you down, still face down on the bed.

Your ass jiggles a bit, clad only in panties.

"When I saw that guy last night, Becky....with his hands all up your skirt and squeezing your ass, it drove me crazy!" I smacked my hand down hard on your butt, then again, leaving a red mark.


"You have got a beautiful ass, Becky." I squeezed it. "How many times did those guys last night fuck your asshole?"
Then I yanked your panties off, completely baring your butt and watching your cheeks jiggle some more. My cock was getting HARD!

I reached over to the nightstand and grabbed a bottle of lotion. I rubbed some of the lotion on your rump, and then pushed a couple of lotion covered fingers deep into your tight anus.

"OOOHHH!! OOOWWW!! OOOWWW!!" You wiggled wildly on the bed trying to get away. But I held you down and kept my fingers in your ass.

"Relax, Becky! I just want the same fun those guys had last night.
If you don't want me to tell Pete, be nice to me." I pushed my fingers in even deeper. My other hand wrapped around your slim waist and squeezed one of your tits.

I leaned down so my mouth was next to your ear. I whispered roughly into your ear. "You are such a SLUT, Becky. Letting all these guys fuck you....feel up your asshole and your cunt. You like it, don't you? little WHORE."

For you, the initial shock of my fingers in your ass had now turned to pleasure....especially with the smooth lotion.

"Ooohhh...oohhhh ah ahh aahh OOOHHH YESSS!!!"

"Did those guys make your cum last night, Becky? I could hear you moaning and sighing all night long. How many times did they make you CUM, you SLUT?"

"Oooohhh pplleaseee....ooooh oooh ahhh ahhh I dunnoo ah ah"

"Was it more than 4? You liked it didn't you? You liked being a fucktoy for those guys?"

"Ooohhh yesssss....yeess they made me cum...ah ahh ahh and I liked it.....ah ah ahh OOOHHH!!"

I pulled my fingers out and quickly rubbed some more lotion onto my stiff cock. I spread your cheeks apart and aimed it at your cunt.
I forced you to get up onto your hands and knees, and drove it into your sopping wet hole.

"OOOOWWWW!! Please....go easy...still sore....OOOWW!!"

Again I ignored you and began to pump harder in & out of your cunt. I could feel the slap of my balls against your ass with each thrust.

Then I pulled out and pressed the head against a much tighter hole......


"UNNGHHH!!! UUNNGHH!!" I speared my stiff cock into your ass and heard you scream loud enough to wake the rest of the hotel. This only turned me on more and made me thrust harder into your bowels. "UUNNHH!! UNNHH!!"

"Becky I told you I wanted EVERYTHING you gave them last night. UUNNHH!!"


"Damn, you are so TIGHT!! UNNHH!! And such a beautiful sexy ass!! UNNHH!! Gonna make me CUM!! UUNNHH! You SLUT!!
Aaaahhhhhhhh!! Oooohhhhh Woooooooeeee!!"

I unloaded into you and felt my sperm erupt into your asshole, filling it and then oozing out.

After resting a couple minutes, I then made you suck my cock.
"Clean it all off, and get it hard again, Becky."

We spent several hours in the room. I fucked you several times in both of your holes, filling them with plenty of my jism. I lost track of how many times I came. Whenever it got soft, I would have you suck it, or stroke it with your hand and it would grow hard and firm again, ready for more action.

Finally when I knew both of us were completely exhausted, I let you up so you could dress.

"That was fun Becky......and since you were a good slut, I won't tell Pete.....yet. But we will have to get together again soon. I will be in touch."

Kisses, Becky!

You are so delectible

You are so delectible
Some molten thoughts for you:

As I jog by your house I catch a glimpse of skin through the cracks in your fence. Curiosity consumes me, so I walk up to take a peek. Unable to see you clearly enough I open the gate and you fill my visage with wonder.

I stare at your body, you freeze, unable to move as my eyes devour you. Your lovely face, eyes on fire, lips trembling. The shape of your delicate neck, down to the full curve of your breasts. Bared for me to see, except the tiniest portion around your nipples covered by your top.
The womenly curve of your tummy, so perfect and tantalizing with tiny beads of moisture coating your flesh. Your hips so delicous as your legs spread to catch the suns warm caresses. I gasp slightly as I catch the outer folds of your always hungry pussy with my eyes, not fully covered by the thin material of your bottoms.

My eyes ravage your body, making love to every delectible inch of you. I feel my loins stir; desire and need for you fills every fiber of my existence. Slowly, I find myself moving towards you. You try and tell me to stop, to leave but you cannot find the words. You try to close your legs but find the heat between then undeniable.

I reach your side and sit basking in the pleasure of your proximity to me. I can almost feel the heat radiating from your flesh. You feel a sudden bout of embaressement and try to cover yourself with a towel. Much to your chagrin, as you stand you fumble the towel onto the ground. Reaching for it, one full breasts slips out of it's confines and hangs temptingly in my face. Moistness gathers inside you as my breath billows over the now harding peak.
Unable to control my desires, my lips encircle the tepid peak and I draw it hungrily into my mouth. Suckling, nursing, needing the essence it contains. My hands find themselves on the full curve of your hips, caressing, exploring. My teeth graze over the hardness of your nipples sending tremors of pleasure coursing through you.

My hands squeeze the lucious curves of your ass and hips while my lips attended to your burgeoning nipples. I look up at your face as you press closer and closer to me. I feel your heart pounding with desire as I press my face into your chest. I begin a slow line with my tongue between your full tits. Moving up to your neck I kiss, gently bite and suck softly. My hands stroke the flesh of your back as I enjoy the supple perfection of your neck.

Unable to resist any longer your lips find mine hungrily. Our tongues dance and play. Your hands begin searching for buttons, snaps, and belts as you remove my clothes. My hands squeeze the fullness of your ass then I rip the flimsy bottom from you.

As my pants hit the ground I push you back onto your chair. Legs spread, pussy swollen and ready. I drop to my knees and gently kiss your thighs making your body heave with desire. Lips moving every upward, my breath finally billows over the dripping gash of your desires. My tongue darts out and teases the lips of your swollen pussy. Flicking over the pulsing bud over your clit.

Suddenly I stab my tongue inside you. Digging deeply as my nose presses hard against your clit. I taste the tangy sweetness of your juices, flowing from deep inside you. I moan in cadence with you as my tongue slowly fucks in and out of you. My hands explore the length of your body. Pay homage to your prefect breasts. Fingers roll and pull your hardened nipples as my lips purse around your clit. Sucking it deeply into my mouth, letting my teeth rake gently over it.

Your own hands find the back of my head, holding me tight against your pussy. You want me there, you need me there, you cry out louder and louder as my tongue plays across your clit again and again. Two fingers find the trail of your juices and slip into your hungry cunt. Filling you and stretching you. Magnifying the pleausre you feel from my tongue on your clit.

Your body quivers and shakes as the pending rush of pleasure threatens to consume you. You embrace, crave and need the rush that will wash through you. Your hands find your own tits, caressing, squeezing. Your head moves side to side and your breathing is ragged.

The tongue on your clit is insistent as my fingers plunge in and out of your sweet hole. Your juices flowing down across the tight pucker of your ass. Sending tingles through you. I watch your face, in bliss, framed perfectly by your tits. The pleausure painted across your visage. Suddenly you breath in deeply and explode. Crying out with rampant release, your juices flooding my fingers and face. My finger curling to find that special place inside your pussy just under your clit. Taking you higher and higher. Your pussy crushes my fingers over and over as spasms rip through you agian and again.

I continue slowly devour your sweetness, licking and drinking from the well of your pleasure until your raging spasms diminish. Then slowly I pull my sticky fingers from from your gash, reaching up I paint your lips with your juices then kiss you slowly and deeply. We share the perfect flavor of you...

As we kiss my hands gently explore your body, touching and caressing. Tongues dance and tease as they explore the others mouth. The flavor of your pussy still lingering in the heated kisses. My hands drop and I push my jogging shorts to the ground. My hard throbbing member sways in the hot afternoon air. I gently press you back until you are laying on your back with my body pressed insistently against your own.

Breaking the kiss I kneel between your legs and remove my shirt. My skin glistens with desire as I gaze at your beauty. You look down and catch sight of my swollen shaft meer inches from your drooling, aching pussy. I lean over you my chests pressing against your breasts. I feel your nipples hard against me as I kiss you once more.

Suddenly your feel the head of my dick pressed against the swollen lips of your pussy. You gasp with unfettered desire as I slowly push it inside you. Your pussy's lips surrounding and caressing it I gently slide the head in and out of you as we kiss hungrily.

My arms move behind your knees and I push your legs back towards your chest fully exposing your lucious pussy to my desires. My ass flexes and I slam the full length of my shaft into your searing pussy. I gasp deeply into our kiss as I feel the tight heat of your chasm surrounding me. With my dick pressed completely inside, your pussy is stretch and filled completely. My lips move from your sweet mouth to taste your neck and finally find the tepid peak of your nipple.

I suckle greedly, drawing your nipple deeply as I let it rake lightly across my teeth. With my dick still buried in you I begin grinding my hips against you, causing my shaft to move within your body.

I slowly pull my cock from your depths, reveling in the wetness that spills from your pussy. My lips find yours once more and we kiss deeply as my ass flexes and I drive the full length of my shaft inside you. Stretching and filling your pussy once again. Our bodies begin moving to a lucious rhythm with my cock pummeling in and out of your hungry chasm. Mouths lock in a feverish kiss, tongues dancing and exploring. Hands touching and caressing heated flesh.

My hands move behind your knees, pushing your legs back and fully exposing your molten pussy to my throbbing shaft. Harder and faster my dick slams inside you, the air around us filled with the sounds and smells of fucking. Each thrust inside your drooling pussy elicits wet smacks as our bodies press together.

I feel your pussy tighten as you are consumed with pleasure. You cry out as as your body is wracked with an intense orgasm. I double my efforst, pounding deeper and faster. Your juices flood my shaft, coating both of us.

Leaning to your ear you hear the rush of my breath with each and every thrust. Pounding against your depths you feel my cock grow harder as it swells inside you. The throbbing head pounds against your cervix. "Oh fuck baby, I'm going to explode inside you". My body convulses with pleasure as hot, sticky cum sprays deep inside you. Wave after wave of pleasure rolls over us as our bodies continue moving together.

As the orgasms subside, we lay together, still joined as my dick basks in your molten wetness. Kissing you gently on the lips, I begin licking my way down your chest and tummy. Finally, reaching your pussy I see gobs of our mixed juices running out and down over the sweet pucker of your ass. I look up and ask you if you need to be cleaned up.

Becky stepped into the shower.

Becky stepped into the shower and let the warm water flow over her body. It had been a long day and she really wanted to relax. The water felt great and she began to soap herself. She rubbed soap onto her perky tits, and her nipples sprang to life.

Becky took the soap and washed herself between her legs. She moaned slightly as her fingers touched her lips, and she even dipped a finger into her honeypot and played with it. She was feeling horny after a long day.

Suddenly she hear the shower door open. "Wh..what...who are you?" A naked man stepped in to the shower with her and grabbed her around the waist before she could say anything else.

"Hi Becky. I've been watching you for a while. Seeing you finger yourself like that, I couldn't resist any more. I need to take you right here!"

Becky was frightened, but also a bit turned on. She had just been thinking how horny she was, and now here was a man - tall, well over 6 foot, and built strong, with a hard cock at least 9 inches, standing straight up at her. But she didn't know him or how he got in. "Noooo....please.....please don't hurt me."

The man laughed "I'm not going to hurt you Becky, Baby! I just want to give you a good hard fucking!"

He pressed her curvy young body against the tile walls while the warm water cascaded over both of them. He lowered his head to her chest and began to suck on one of her nipples. He grabbed the other one with his hand, and squeezed it, pinching her nipple a bit. His other hand grabbed her ass and he pulled her close to him. She couldn't believe how he was taking control.

"You've got a beautiful ass, Becky. Nice & round!" He sucked & squeezed her gorgeous tits some more.

"Oooohh God.... NO please....don't.....please stop" Becky said, but softly with little resistance.

"You want this, Baby. I can feel your nipples getting hard. And I saw you fingering your pussy when I came in. Look at those pussy lips of yours, you must be horny as hell. I bet your cunt is really wet, Becky."

He slid his hand down her belly keeping his other one cupped on her round asscheek. From her belly he moved it down further to her thick brown nest of curls.

"Spread those legs, Becky. I want your hairy cunt, Baby!" He moved her legs apart. "Lets see that tight little pussy."

"Oooooo pleasee...pleaseee nooooo...aahh aahh"

He pulled at her pink labia and easily poked 2 fingers into her wet slot. "OOOOOHH OOHH!" Becky moaned.
He started to lick her nipple again, flicking it with his tongue. He worked his fingers even deeper inside her!

Becky started to tremble. She was getting wet and turned on & knew he was going to fuck her HARD! Right here in the shower!

"Just relax, Baby. Let me make you feel good." He licked her nipple again. "Time for a snack!" He kissed her body down her belly and kneeled in front of her. He pulled his fingers out of her and planted his face right between her legs. "Mmmmmmm. Nice and clean, And wet. I knew your pussy would be juicy."

He licked her labia and fingered her some more. "OOOOHHH ooohhh ahhhh aahh" Becky moaned.

"You like that, don't you Honey?" He held her pink lips apart with his fingers and poked his tongue deeper into her wetness. "Mmmmm, Tasty! (slurp) I'm gonna love making you CUM! (slurp) A cute little honey like you needs some good hard cock - and I'm here to give it to you, Becky. (slurp, slurp)"

Becky couldn't control herself. Her hips were starting to shake as he licked her. His tongue was like a little cock, working its way around inside her pink tunnel, sucking on her swollen clit, and DRIVING HER CRAZY!


She needed to cum soon, and could feel an orgasm building inside.

He must have sensed it too. "You like that, Baby?" He reached a hand around her slim waist and squeezed her ass again.....then lowered a finger to her tight puckered anus. He pressed it slightly.....then poked it in.

Becky went NUTS! "OOOOHHHH AAAGHHH OOOH OOOH OOHHH AGGHHH!!" Her body went stiff and a wave of her cunt juice squirted from her vagina onto his face. He lapped it up hungrily and buried his face even more snugly into her cunt. "OOHH OOHH YEEESSS!!! Make me CUM!" She let loose with another gusher again, and he lapped it up from her smooth thighs.
She felt like a whore, but she couldn't help it.

"That was fun, Becky. Time to fuck now." He stood up and kissed her deeply. She could taste her pussy juice on his lips & tongue. He grabbed her pretty ass with both hands and pulled her close. She could feel his hardness against her thigh. She was unable to resist and grabbed his pole. 'My goodness, it was HUGE!' she thought. 'It had to be at least 9 inches and was thick like a bottle.' She stroked it gently back & forth.

"You like that Becky? You get me SO HARD, you Nasty SLUT!" He spread her legs apart and pushed her back against the tiles. "i've wanted to fuck you for so long."

He positioned himself, and easily thrust inside her. She was so wet from her orgasm, he slid right in.

"OOOOHH!!! AAAAAAHHH!!" Becky grunted as he filled her with his thick hard rod. "OOOHHHH!! ahahahaha"

He started to fuck her HARDER, pumping her deep. Her hips bucked to meet his powerful thrusts. She felt so full of cock she could hardly breathe!

He grunted like an animal as he pressed her back against the wall and drove into her again and again. "UUNNH!! UUNNHH!!


"UNNGHH!! UUNNGHH!! Take it Beckyl! UUNNHHH! Take my big cock! UUNNHHH!! Thats it Becky, you sexy little slut.
UUNGHH!" He pumped his cock deep into Becky's tight pussy until his balls ached for relief......

Becky could feel his monster throbbing.....and another orgasm on the way!


The man grunted as he erupted inside Becky. "UUHH OOOOOHH AAHHHH .......AAHHHH YEESS!!" He let loose with a hot load of jism, then another and another.

Becky felt his sperm swimming inside her and unleashed another tidal wave of her juices. "OOOHHH OOOOAAHHH! AAAGGHHH!! I.....I'm CUMMINNGG!! IIIEEEAAHHHHHYYYYAAAAHH!!!" She couldn't believe he had made her cum this much!

They both collapsed against the shower walls, panting heavily with water streaming down onto their bodies.

"I'm not finished with you yet, Becky! Turn around and spread those legs."

Becky did as she was told and faced the tiles. She felt his hands grab both of her firm round ass cheeks and squeeze them tightly.

"Lets spread those cheeks apart Baby! I want that cute little ASS!" Without waiting for a reply, he pushed her legs apart and poked a thick finger straight up her anal opening. Then he added another. She could feel her ass being stretched as he worked his knobby fingers DEEP. "Damn, you are TIGHT Becky!"

"OOOOHHH OOWW!!! Ooohh please.....not there...NOOOO OOWWW!!" she tried to squirm away but he held her firm.

He ignored her pleas and dug his 2 fingers harder into her backdoor. His other hand wrapped around her and squeezed one of her tits. "You have such a fuckable ASS, Becky. This is going to be FUN!!" She could feel his cock hardening and rubbing against her smooth thigh. "You ready for some more of this, Sweetie? When's the last time you had a cock this big up your pretty ass?"


When he was finally satisfied that he was stiff enough, he pulled his fingers out of her rear and thrust his man meat HARD into her browneye. "UUNNHH UUUNGH!! Take it Becky! UNNGH! Take it up your tight ASS! UUNNGHH! You need a good ass fucking don't you, Baby? UUNNGHH! UUNNHH!"

"OOHHHH OOWWW OOHH Please....ahh ahha hhahh OOHHHH ah ahh ahh OOOHHHHH GODD!!"

He reached his hands around her slender waist then slid them up to grab onto both of her ripe tits, squeezing them hard and pinching her nipples. "Damn, I love your tits, Becky! UNNHH!!"

"OOOWWW!! OOOHH PLEEAASSE!! OOWWW!!" she screamed.

"UUNNGH!! OOHHH YESSSS Becky! UUNNHH Your ass is SO TIGHT!! UNNHH!! I've wanted to fuck you for so long, Honey! UNNHH!! You're gonna make me CUM, Becky! UNNHH!! UUNNHH!! Gonnna CUM!! UNNHH!! Cum right in your sweet little asshole. UNNHHH!! UUNNHH! AAAGGHHH!!

The man erupted with another thick load of semen, planting it deep in Becky's backside.

"All right lets get you cleaned up now, Becky. We can have some more fun."

He rubbed her all over with soap, taking special care to clean her pussy and ass. He was much sweeter now. He had enjoyed himself and now caressed her lovingly. Becky moaned and sighed softly as he probed his soapy fingers around inside of both holes, cleaning out his thick loads of his cum. She could feel another orgasm building inside her, as his finger rubbed her clit again.

"OOOHH OOOHHH OOHHWWHHHAHHH!!! Make me......ah ahhh OOHHH I......unh unh gonna AAHHHHHHH
I.....Im ah ah ahhhh gooonnna SQUIRT!!!"

Becky grunted loudly then let loose with a gusher, then another. Her juices flowed down both legs, mixing with the warm water from the shower. She was all out of breath and totally exhausted. Her legs felt all rubbery.

"Good girl, Becky. Lets get you out of the shower." He carried her out, and helped her dry off. Then he dressed her in some comfy pajamas and tucked her into bed.

"Sleep well, Sweet Becky. Get plenty of rest. I will be back soon."