Saturday, 13 March 2010

My Fantasy With You Dear Lady.

I arrive at the hotel where we have arranged to meet. You know what is going to happen as we have been talking about it for months, gradually building up to this one day. I give the briefest of light taps on the door and then let myself in through the open door. You are standing with your back to me, looking out of the window and do not turn around. You keep staring through the window as I turn and lock the door, quickly removing all my clothes and standing behind you. Not a word has been spoken yet and you have not looked round to see me.
I slowly walk towards you, standing there in a short black skirt, pretty white blouse, sheer black stockings and strappy black high heels, and slowly and gently rub my hand up your side and I see you shake a little. I wrap my strong arms around your waist and with a little sigh you lean back into me. I softly kiss the back of your neck smelling your pretty perfume and you lean back further into me.
I slowly move my hands up to gently brush over your clothed breasts and feel your nipples harden slightly through the material. I start to unbutton the front of your dress, not rushing and undo your front opening bra, revealing for the first time your beautiful breasts. I rub my palms down over the top of your breasts, briefly brushing over your nipples and then I cup your lovely tits in both of my hands.
Whilst I am holding your breasts in my hand I trace my thumbs around the areola of your nipple, feeling the skin there pucker up and tighten and your nipples harden and begin to protrude more as you give a little whimper.
Reaching from behind you I cup your right breast with my left hand and keep gently teasing the ever hardening nipple whilst my right hand rubs over your belly before going lover, briefly brushing over your pubic mound through your skirt and then carrying on lower. I reach the bottom of the skirt and now start to stroke your stockinged lower thigh.
I slowly reach around more with my right hand and slowly slide it up your inner thigh sliding it up until I reach your stocking tops. I pause there briefly to feel the beautifully soft flesh at the top of your thighs. The skin here on your inner thighs feel so fantastic and I take a deep breath as my hand progresses a little further. Your breathing begins to speed up as my hand reaches your panties and teases the flesh either side of the gusset. I tentatively rub my middle finger onto your covered pussy slit and feel a large moist patch on your tight briefs and I push the material into the slit of your vagina slightly, rubbing my finger slowly up the cleft made in the material, feeling your wetness growing.
You reach around your back now, still not turning around and reach for my semi hard cock, slowly rubbing it until it is diamond hard and I slip your panties to one side to feel your wetness directly. My middle finger slips in effortlessly into your soaking wet cunt and I withdraw it again to rub up your slit and gently massage your hard little clit.
You unfasten your skirt and let it all to the floor and then you slide your panties down your lovely legs and step out of them.
Finally you turn to see me and I drink in the gorgeous sight before me. You are now standing in front of me wearing only your high heels and stockings and we embrace each other and kiss. My hard cock pushing against your belly as I hold you tight.
You lead me to the bed where you lie down, your eyes never leaving me now, and I lie down next to you, stroking your body and finding the source of all that moisture and heat as I rub my fingers over your swollen clitoris in a gentle regular movement and I feel your vagina respond to me and your hips raise slightly to meet my touch.
I slide down the bed and you open your stocking clad legs to reveal your glistening pussy to me and I gently rub your outer vagina lips with my thumbs before gently opening them to reveal your inner lips and part those too and revel in the sight of your freshly shaved open pussy.
I go down and tease you with my tongue, not actually touching your slit but just licking your outer lips and getting near your clit and then retreating from it, until finally my tongue finds your little button and I put my lips over it and suck it gently up into my mouth. I slide my tongue down your slit, down over your little peephole until I come to the warm entrance to your vagina. I tease with my tongue around the entrance to your hole, making it twitch and try to open more, until finally I plunge my tongue into you and you let out a gasp as I taste your sweet pussy juices flowing over my tongue.
I keep alternating between concentrating on your clitoris and pussy hole, also probing into your body with my fingers as you start to moan very slightly. I begin to lick around the little tight bud of your bottom, flicking my tongue over your anus and then back into your cunt and sucking and licking your hard clit. You start to push your pubis up to meet my probing tongue as I stick it repeatedly deeply into your vulva, more and more of your juices flowing freely from your swollen pussy, your lips dark and wet.
I place a pillow under your bottom to raise your hips and allow me access into you more easily as I eat hungrily at your hot dripping pussy. My cock is twitching and is so hard, the end swollen and angry, eager to penetrate you.
I raise myself over you and gaze down at the fantastic body you are going to allow me to penetrate and you move your hands down your body slowly, moving your hands down to your hot cunt and you part your inner lips, showing me your willing entrance as you offer yourself to me.
I place my cock over your opened vagina and a bead of clear precum fluid drips from out of my cock hole and lands on your clit. I reach down and spread the slippery fluid over your clitoris and it juts out eagerly. I place my engorged fat penis head at the entrance to your inviting hole and slide it slowly up and down your slippery slit, over your peephole and rubbing my swollen glistening cock end over your equally aroused clit head, like another little cock above your bubbling vagina.
I stop again at your pussy entrance and look down at you. Your mouth opens slightly as I apply gentle pressure and your cunt opens up to receive my hard cock and with the release of your vagina muscle my rod slips effortlessly up inside you and you give out a gasp and my body melts into the feeling of penetrating your warm welcoming body and I pause in you, letting my cock soak in your accommodating cunt, feeling the ribbed walls of your love tube gripping the shaft of my cock.
I slowly begin to thrust in and out of your body, and you begin to thrust your hips up to meet each of my long strokes, your hard little clit pushing against me with each deep penetration. I quicken my strokes as I feel my balls begin to tighten and you feel the glans on my penis grow even larger inside you and my cock gets harder still.
I can feel a load of hot seed, boiling in my tubes, wanting to squirt up out of my cock end and up into you. I feel my anus start to clench and my balls tighten even further as I let out a strangled grunt as I feel my hot spunk shoot up th length of my cock and out splashing inside your beautiful pussy, gushing out in great pulsed streams into your cunt and covering your cervix and pussy walls. Masses of it spurt up into you until it finally subsides as my thrusting slowly slows down and i breath heavily with the effort of my orgasm.
I slowly withdraw my glistening cock from you and reach for the nearby vibrator. I lie next to you and slowly insert the jelly vibrator into your very wet inseminated cunt. I begin to thrust it slowly in and out of you and then you take over the vibrator and I watch your spunky pussy swallow the rubber cock. I stroke the sensitive skin below your vagina as you push the cock into yourself and then withdraw it totally, showing your open hole to me and a trickle of my seed plops out and runs over your anus as you reinsert the dildo into your gaping pussy. I rub the fresh semen over the little nub of your asshole and push at it gently as you fuck yourself.
Your strokes are getting more desperate as you thrust the vibrator in and out of you while I gently push a sperm covered finger at your tight little anus. Suddenly you push forward and you relax your bottom as the first segment of my middle finger slips into your bottom and you push onto me a little more, relaxing your body as my finger slowly slips into your anus and I feel your dildo thrusts from inside you making my cock begin to harden again. You begin to pant more as each thrust is met by me fingerfucking your ass and I feel the tight little ring begin to grip and relax, grip and relax around my probing finger. I slowly withdraw the finger and you gasp again.
I move up to your head while you still fuck yourself and rubs the head of my once again hard cock over your face and lips and you open your mouth and take the hot cock end and part of my shaft deep into your mouth. As you suck on my cock you I grap your tits in both my hands, rougher than before as your strokes into your pussy get deeper and your body begins to tighten up. I take my cock from your mouth as your body jerks on the bed and your cunt grips around the rubber cock and a deep orgasm overtakes your body.
You lay still for a short while while I stroke your smooth belly and thighs and your breathing steadies until you get your breath back and your hand goes down my belly to feel the shaft of my cock and then further down to cup and gently massage my balls.
Gradually I stand from the bed, unsure what to do next, you get onto all fours, and I see a huge stream of my cock juice pour out of your still open cunt and run down your inner thigh and soak into the thick band at the top of your stocking tops and it looks so erotic I enter you again from behind roughly thrusting my swollen meat into you and start to pump into you again. I look down to seem me entering you and again begin to tease your little bumhole, licking my finger and then slowly and gently introducing it into your bottom.
After a few more minutes of finger fucking your asshole I slowly withdraw my cock from your soaked cunt and begin to rub the head of my glistenind slippery cock over your back entrance.
Slowly I apply gentle pressure to your tight little anus, witing for your acceptance as it should never be forced and enters quite easily once you relax. You slowly push back and I feel your anus begin to dilate for me as the large cockk head slowly spreads your anal sphincter and suddenle gets past its widest and the head of my cock pops into your tight ass. We both pause for a moment and then while I stay still you slowly push back onto me and my cock goes deeper up your back passage.
It feels so hot and tight, totally different to your cunt as your arse grips the whole length of my shaft, each new thrust going a tiny bit deeper up into your forbidden hole. After a few minutes of gentle slow thrusting you push back harder and suddenly my cock slips fully into you, my balls pushed up against your wet cunt and my cock up to the hilt in your body.
I reach over and get my camera from the side and point it down, showing where we are joined and I set it to video mode, and begin to film my thrusts into your tight gripping bottom. I pump into you loving the feel of you occasionally pulling out completely to film your gaping anus, before filming it yielding again to my erect throbbing meat and taking my full length deep thrusts into your bowel.
I then slow my thrusts as I set the camera to play and put it in front of you and reach under to massage your clit while I fuck your arse. I try to time my thrusts to the recorded thrusts, showing you what is happening to you behind and suddenly I feel your asshole tighten around me as an unexpected orgasm rips through you at seeing your own anus being violated in such a rude way and feel the twitches through my cock and you catch me out as I blow yet another heavy load up inside your asshole.
We both fall forward in a heap and my soft cock flops out of your ass and some spunk pours out. We rest a while and then both go and have a shower together, both soaping each others bodies and stroking each other in the warm water. You say you need to pee and open your legs slightly as a warm stream of piss flows between your legs and I place my hand between them, feeling a different warm stream in the shower trickle through my fingers.
We embrace each other in the warm water as I rub your clit as you pee and your hold my cock against your belly as I start to pee too, my pale yelloy stream running down over your belly and down your thighs and we embrace harder. My cock hardening after the piss stops agaist your body. You massage my cock with soap and I get up to full hardness again as you kneel down and take me once again into your hot mouth.
I feel you sucking me in and your tongue teasing my glans head of my penis. The feel of your expert mout is superb and I lose myself in the sensuous erotic feeling as you lick and suck at my whole cock, gently massagin my scrotum and sending shivers of ecstacy through my body, until my cock end expands again showing it is going to cum in your mouth. You do not flinch but just suck harder and more eagerly at this ever hardening penis, unitl with a shout I unload spurt after spurt into your hot skilled mouth and you swallow down my salty seed, sucking the last drops out of my cock when the pulses had stopped.
We both then silently leave the shower and begin to dress, both exhausted and flushed with relief at unloading such huge orgasms with each other who have never met and will now depart and maybe never meet again after such an intimate experience.
Somehow however I don’t think this is the case and I am sure the occasional reunion to go over past times will be in order.


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