Saturday, 13 March 2010

You are so delectible

You are so delectible
Some molten thoughts for you:

As I jog by your house I catch a glimpse of skin through the cracks in your fence. Curiosity consumes me, so I walk up to take a peek. Unable to see you clearly enough I open the gate and you fill my visage with wonder.

I stare at your body, you freeze, unable to move as my eyes devour you. Your lovely face, eyes on fire, lips trembling. The shape of your delicate neck, down to the full curve of your breasts. Bared for me to see, except the tiniest portion around your nipples covered by your top.
The womenly curve of your tummy, so perfect and tantalizing with tiny beads of moisture coating your flesh. Your hips so delicous as your legs spread to catch the suns warm caresses. I gasp slightly as I catch the outer folds of your always hungry pussy with my eyes, not fully covered by the thin material of your bottoms.

My eyes ravage your body, making love to every delectible inch of you. I feel my loins stir; desire and need for you fills every fiber of my existence. Slowly, I find myself moving towards you. You try and tell me to stop, to leave but you cannot find the words. You try to close your legs but find the heat between then undeniable.

I reach your side and sit basking in the pleasure of your proximity to me. I can almost feel the heat radiating from your flesh. You feel a sudden bout of embaressement and try to cover yourself with a towel. Much to your chagrin, as you stand you fumble the towel onto the ground. Reaching for it, one full breasts slips out of it's confines and hangs temptingly in my face. Moistness gathers inside you as my breath billows over the now harding peak.
Unable to control my desires, my lips encircle the tepid peak and I draw it hungrily into my mouth. Suckling, nursing, needing the essence it contains. My hands find themselves on the full curve of your hips, caressing, exploring. My teeth graze over the hardness of your nipples sending tremors of pleasure coursing through you.

My hands squeeze the lucious curves of your ass and hips while my lips attended to your burgeoning nipples. I look up at your face as you press closer and closer to me. I feel your heart pounding with desire as I press my face into your chest. I begin a slow line with my tongue between your full tits. Moving up to your neck I kiss, gently bite and suck softly. My hands stroke the flesh of your back as I enjoy the supple perfection of your neck.

Unable to resist any longer your lips find mine hungrily. Our tongues dance and play. Your hands begin searching for buttons, snaps, and belts as you remove my clothes. My hands squeeze the fullness of your ass then I rip the flimsy bottom from you.

As my pants hit the ground I push you back onto your chair. Legs spread, pussy swollen and ready. I drop to my knees and gently kiss your thighs making your body heave with desire. Lips moving every upward, my breath finally billows over the dripping gash of your desires. My tongue darts out and teases the lips of your swollen pussy. Flicking over the pulsing bud over your clit.

Suddenly I stab my tongue inside you. Digging deeply as my nose presses hard against your clit. I taste the tangy sweetness of your juices, flowing from deep inside you. I moan in cadence with you as my tongue slowly fucks in and out of you. My hands explore the length of your body. Pay homage to your prefect breasts. Fingers roll and pull your hardened nipples as my lips purse around your clit. Sucking it deeply into my mouth, letting my teeth rake gently over it.

Your own hands find the back of my head, holding me tight against your pussy. You want me there, you need me there, you cry out louder and louder as my tongue plays across your clit again and again. Two fingers find the trail of your juices and slip into your hungry cunt. Filling you and stretching you. Magnifying the pleausre you feel from my tongue on your clit.

Your body quivers and shakes as the pending rush of pleasure threatens to consume you. You embrace, crave and need the rush that will wash through you. Your hands find your own tits, caressing, squeezing. Your head moves side to side and your breathing is ragged.

The tongue on your clit is insistent as my fingers plunge in and out of your sweet hole. Your juices flowing down across the tight pucker of your ass. Sending tingles through you. I watch your face, in bliss, framed perfectly by your tits. The pleausure painted across your visage. Suddenly you breath in deeply and explode. Crying out with rampant release, your juices flooding my fingers and face. My finger curling to find that special place inside your pussy just under your clit. Taking you higher and higher. Your pussy crushes my fingers over and over as spasms rip through you agian and again.

I continue slowly devour your sweetness, licking and drinking from the well of your pleasure until your raging spasms diminish. Then slowly I pull my sticky fingers from from your gash, reaching up I paint your lips with your juices then kiss you slowly and deeply. We share the perfect flavor of you...

As we kiss my hands gently explore your body, touching and caressing. Tongues dance and tease as they explore the others mouth. The flavor of your pussy still lingering in the heated kisses. My hands drop and I push my jogging shorts to the ground. My hard throbbing member sways in the hot afternoon air. I gently press you back until you are laying on your back with my body pressed insistently against your own.

Breaking the kiss I kneel between your legs and remove my shirt. My skin glistens with desire as I gaze at your beauty. You look down and catch sight of my swollen shaft meer inches from your drooling, aching pussy. I lean over you my chests pressing against your breasts. I feel your nipples hard against me as I kiss you once more.

Suddenly your feel the head of my dick pressed against the swollen lips of your pussy. You gasp with unfettered desire as I slowly push it inside you. Your pussy's lips surrounding and caressing it I gently slide the head in and out of you as we kiss hungrily.

My arms move behind your knees and I push your legs back towards your chest fully exposing your lucious pussy to my desires. My ass flexes and I slam the full length of my shaft into your searing pussy. I gasp deeply into our kiss as I feel the tight heat of your chasm surrounding me. With my dick pressed completely inside, your pussy is stretch and filled completely. My lips move from your sweet mouth to taste your neck and finally find the tepid peak of your nipple.

I suckle greedly, drawing your nipple deeply as I let it rake lightly across my teeth. With my dick still buried in you I begin grinding my hips against you, causing my shaft to move within your body.

I slowly pull my cock from your depths, reveling in the wetness that spills from your pussy. My lips find yours once more and we kiss deeply as my ass flexes and I drive the full length of my shaft inside you. Stretching and filling your pussy once again. Our bodies begin moving to a lucious rhythm with my cock pummeling in and out of your hungry chasm. Mouths lock in a feverish kiss, tongues dancing and exploring. Hands touching and caressing heated flesh.

My hands move behind your knees, pushing your legs back and fully exposing your molten pussy to my throbbing shaft. Harder and faster my dick slams inside you, the air around us filled with the sounds and smells of fucking. Each thrust inside your drooling pussy elicits wet smacks as our bodies press together.

I feel your pussy tighten as you are consumed with pleasure. You cry out as as your body is wracked with an intense orgasm. I double my efforst, pounding deeper and faster. Your juices flood my shaft, coating both of us.

Leaning to your ear you hear the rush of my breath with each and every thrust. Pounding against your depths you feel my cock grow harder as it swells inside you. The throbbing head pounds against your cervix. "Oh fuck baby, I'm going to explode inside you". My body convulses with pleasure as hot, sticky cum sprays deep inside you. Wave after wave of pleasure rolls over us as our bodies continue moving together.

As the orgasms subside, we lay together, still joined as my dick basks in your molten wetness. Kissing you gently on the lips, I begin licking my way down your chest and tummy. Finally, reaching your pussy I see gobs of our mixed juices running out and down over the sweet pucker of your ass. I look up and ask you if you need to be cleaned up.

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