Saturday, 13 March 2010

Becky stepped into the shower.

Becky stepped into the shower and let the warm water flow over her body. It had been a long day and she really wanted to relax. The water felt great and she began to soap herself. She rubbed soap onto her perky tits, and her nipples sprang to life.

Becky took the soap and washed herself between her legs. She moaned slightly as her fingers touched her lips, and she even dipped a finger into her honeypot and played with it. She was feeling horny after a long day.

Suddenly she hear the shower door open. "Wh..what...who are you?" A naked man stepped in to the shower with her and grabbed her around the waist before she could say anything else.

"Hi Becky. I've been watching you for a while. Seeing you finger yourself like that, I couldn't resist any more. I need to take you right here!"

Becky was frightened, but also a bit turned on. She had just been thinking how horny she was, and now here was a man - tall, well over 6 foot, and built strong, with a hard cock at least 9 inches, standing straight up at her. But she didn't know him or how he got in. "Noooo....please.....please don't hurt me."

The man laughed "I'm not going to hurt you Becky, Baby! I just want to give you a good hard fucking!"

He pressed her curvy young body against the tile walls while the warm water cascaded over both of them. He lowered his head to her chest and began to suck on one of her nipples. He grabbed the other one with his hand, and squeezed it, pinching her nipple a bit. His other hand grabbed her ass and he pulled her close to him. She couldn't believe how he was taking control.

"You've got a beautiful ass, Becky. Nice & round!" He sucked & squeezed her gorgeous tits some more.

"Oooohh God.... NO please....don't.....please stop" Becky said, but softly with little resistance.

"You want this, Baby. I can feel your nipples getting hard. And I saw you fingering your pussy when I came in. Look at those pussy lips of yours, you must be horny as hell. I bet your cunt is really wet, Becky."

He slid his hand down her belly keeping his other one cupped on her round asscheek. From her belly he moved it down further to her thick brown nest of curls.

"Spread those legs, Becky. I want your hairy cunt, Baby!" He moved her legs apart. "Lets see that tight little pussy."

"Oooooo pleasee...pleaseee nooooo...aahh aahh"

He pulled at her pink labia and easily poked 2 fingers into her wet slot. "OOOOOHH OOHH!" Becky moaned.
He started to lick her nipple again, flicking it with his tongue. He worked his fingers even deeper inside her!

Becky started to tremble. She was getting wet and turned on & knew he was going to fuck her HARD! Right here in the shower!

"Just relax, Baby. Let me make you feel good." He licked her nipple again. "Time for a snack!" He kissed her body down her belly and kneeled in front of her. He pulled his fingers out of her and planted his face right between her legs. "Mmmmmmm. Nice and clean, And wet. I knew your pussy would be juicy."

He licked her labia and fingered her some more. "OOOOHHH ooohhh ahhhh aahh" Becky moaned.

"You like that, don't you Honey?" He held her pink lips apart with his fingers and poked his tongue deeper into her wetness. "Mmmmm, Tasty! (slurp) I'm gonna love making you CUM! (slurp) A cute little honey like you needs some good hard cock - and I'm here to give it to you, Becky. (slurp, slurp)"

Becky couldn't control herself. Her hips were starting to shake as he licked her. His tongue was like a little cock, working its way around inside her pink tunnel, sucking on her swollen clit, and DRIVING HER CRAZY!


She needed to cum soon, and could feel an orgasm building inside.

He must have sensed it too. "You like that, Baby?" He reached a hand around her slim waist and squeezed her ass again.....then lowered a finger to her tight puckered anus. He pressed it slightly.....then poked it in.

Becky went NUTS! "OOOOHHHH AAAGHHH OOOH OOOH OOHHH AGGHHH!!" Her body went stiff and a wave of her cunt juice squirted from her vagina onto his face. He lapped it up hungrily and buried his face even more snugly into her cunt. "OOHH OOHH YEEESSS!!! Make me CUM!" She let loose with another gusher again, and he lapped it up from her smooth thighs.
She felt like a whore, but she couldn't help it.

"That was fun, Becky. Time to fuck now." He stood up and kissed her deeply. She could taste her pussy juice on his lips & tongue. He grabbed her pretty ass with both hands and pulled her close. She could feel his hardness against her thigh. She was unable to resist and grabbed his pole. 'My goodness, it was HUGE!' she thought. 'It had to be at least 9 inches and was thick like a bottle.' She stroked it gently back & forth.

"You like that Becky? You get me SO HARD, you Nasty SLUT!" He spread her legs apart and pushed her back against the tiles. "i've wanted to fuck you for so long."

He positioned himself, and easily thrust inside her. She was so wet from her orgasm, he slid right in.

"OOOOHH!!! AAAAAAHHH!!" Becky grunted as he filled her with his thick hard rod. "OOOHHHH!! ahahahaha"

He started to fuck her HARDER, pumping her deep. Her hips bucked to meet his powerful thrusts. She felt so full of cock she could hardly breathe!

He grunted like an animal as he pressed her back against the wall and drove into her again and again. "UUNNH!! UUNNHH!!


"UNNGHH!! UUNNGHH!! Take it Beckyl! UUNNHHH! Take my big cock! UUNNHHH!! Thats it Becky, you sexy little slut.
UUNGHH!" He pumped his cock deep into Becky's tight pussy until his balls ached for relief......

Becky could feel his monster throbbing.....and another orgasm on the way!


The man grunted as he erupted inside Becky. "UUHH OOOOOHH AAHHHH .......AAHHHH YEESS!!" He let loose with a hot load of jism, then another and another.

Becky felt his sperm swimming inside her and unleashed another tidal wave of her juices. "OOOHHH OOOOAAHHH! AAAGGHHH!! I.....I'm CUMMINNGG!! IIIEEEAAHHHHHYYYYAAAAHH!!!" She couldn't believe he had made her cum this much!

They both collapsed against the shower walls, panting heavily with water streaming down onto their bodies.

"I'm not finished with you yet, Becky! Turn around and spread those legs."

Becky did as she was told and faced the tiles. She felt his hands grab both of her firm round ass cheeks and squeeze them tightly.

"Lets spread those cheeks apart Baby! I want that cute little ASS!" Without waiting for a reply, he pushed her legs apart and poked a thick finger straight up her anal opening. Then he added another. She could feel her ass being stretched as he worked his knobby fingers DEEP. "Damn, you are TIGHT Becky!"

"OOOOHHH OOWW!!! Ooohh please.....not there...NOOOO OOWWW!!" she tried to squirm away but he held her firm.

He ignored her pleas and dug his 2 fingers harder into her backdoor. His other hand wrapped around her and squeezed one of her tits. "You have such a fuckable ASS, Becky. This is going to be FUN!!" She could feel his cock hardening and rubbing against her smooth thigh. "You ready for some more of this, Sweetie? When's the last time you had a cock this big up your pretty ass?"


When he was finally satisfied that he was stiff enough, he pulled his fingers out of her rear and thrust his man meat HARD into her browneye. "UUNNHH UUUNGH!! Take it Becky! UNNGH! Take it up your tight ASS! UUNNGHH! You need a good ass fucking don't you, Baby? UUNNGHH! UUNNHH!"

"OOHHHH OOWWW OOHH Please....ahh ahha hhahh OOHHHH ah ahh ahh OOOHHHHH GODD!!"

He reached his hands around her slender waist then slid them up to grab onto both of her ripe tits, squeezing them hard and pinching her nipples. "Damn, I love your tits, Becky! UNNHH!!"

"OOOWWW!! OOOHH PLEEAASSE!! OOWWW!!" she screamed.

"UUNNGH!! OOHHH YESSSS Becky! UUNNHH Your ass is SO TIGHT!! UNNHH!! I've wanted to fuck you for so long, Honey! UNNHH!! You're gonna make me CUM, Becky! UNNHH!! UUNNHH!! Gonnna CUM!! UNNHH!! Cum right in your sweet little asshole. UNNHHH!! UUNNHH! AAAGGHHH!!

The man erupted with another thick load of semen, planting it deep in Becky's backside.

"All right lets get you cleaned up now, Becky. We can have some more fun."

He rubbed her all over with soap, taking special care to clean her pussy and ass. He was much sweeter now. He had enjoyed himself and now caressed her lovingly. Becky moaned and sighed softly as he probed his soapy fingers around inside of both holes, cleaning out his thick loads of his cum. She could feel another orgasm building inside her, as his finger rubbed her clit again.

"OOOHH OOOHHH OOHHWWHHHAHHH!!! Make me......ah ahhh OOHHH I......unh unh gonna AAHHHHHHH
I.....Im ah ah ahhhh gooonnna SQUIRT!!!"

Becky grunted loudly then let loose with a gusher, then another. Her juices flowed down both legs, mixing with the warm water from the shower. She was all out of breath and totally exhausted. Her legs felt all rubbery.

"Good girl, Becky. Lets get you out of the shower." He carried her out, and helped her dry off. Then he dressed her in some comfy pajamas and tucked her into bed.

"Sleep well, Sweet Becky. Get plenty of rest. I will be back soon."

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