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Bex Inter.

Some of the things i have to put up with!!!

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Am I wrong?

Hi Becky here. Had a row with Pete so a bit pissed off. Went out with Wendy my girlfriend as we do on a Thursday and got pissed. Went out to the local bar and got pissed, we are not to bad looking as not to draw atttion to ourselves so in no time we were flirting. I picked up a lad i had fancied for sonme time and let him fuck me as i was down a bit, and one thing led to another and we fucked twice as it happens, bareback . Well got dropped of then made up with Pete. He said he has never tasted or felt me so wet, he does know the differance should i tell him? Pete also fucked me twice Amazing. What do you think?

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Poor Little Becky.

Poor little Becky

Chapter One___Drunk in the trunk--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------With me dressed in jeans & a T'shirt...& Sarah dressed in nothing but a fur coat, latex fetish gloves & patent leather boots, we get into the car & head off in the direction of town.After driving around the city all night looking for an unsuspecting girl to kidnap & take back to our farmhouse for a lifetime of bondage & slave-play, Mistress Sarah & me spot u stumbling out of the bar...alone & half pissed. Dressed for clubbing, u're donning a short, black leather mini-skirt & starched white blouse with a pair of oh so sexxxy, nylon stockings hugging your beautifully long legs. A pair of polished white stilettos decorate your feet & while u make your way down main street, my phone rings & I answer it....listening to the person on the other end before replying....'Thank u very much Gary..!!! We can see your wife leaving the club now...!!! The money will be wired to your account on Monday!'__& i throw the phone aside before nodding to Sarah...confirming what she half expected.At this point...(since u're dancing & singing while u head down the street)...u're still oblivious to us following behind u in the car. Its only when Sarah gets out & grabs u firmly from behind do u become aware of our presense...but its much too late to run. U try to scream but its almost 3AM & theres absolutely no-one around. Sarah has her gloved hand clasped tightly over your mouth anyway, so calling out for help is nothing more than a fantasy.'U're coming with us, u sexy wee fuck-slut..!!!'__says Sarah as she drags u kicking & (nowhere near) screaming back to the car__'we own your pitiful lil' ass now & theres absolutely nothing u can do about it..!!! U're gonna be nothing more than a worthless plaything for Ken & me until we decide u're of no use to us anymore..!!! Then we'll dump your naked, smelly....jism-caked self out into the country-side for some other stranger to pick up..!!!'Turning the ignition off, I snigger cruelly when i hear Sarahs words & i get out of the car before opening the trunk & yanking your bag out of your hand so i can read the ID inside.'She's not kidding Becky...!!!'__i chuckle...tossing your bag & mobile phone into the back seat of the car before retrieving a roll of yellow tape from the carpeted floor of the trunk__'now that we're certain we have the right girl, u're coming with us, u sexy-nasty lil' whore..!!! We've prepared a nice home for u bitch & thats where u'll be staying for the rest of your life..!!! By all means though....feel free to call out for help if u wish but it wont do u much good..!!! No-ones gonna find u where we're going..!!!! U're our prize fuck-thing now, forced into a life of filthy debauchery & endless torment...& theres absolutely fuck all u can do about it. Therefore, u'd be best stopping your fucking whining & get used to it Becky..!!!'__& i slap u across the ass a few times before assisting Mistress Sarah...placing u facing upwards in the trunk.Sarahs gloved hand is still clamped over your mouth but she pulls it away after i reach under your skirt & tear the clingy silk panties to shreds...yanking them away from your hot cunny. Then i give the damp, pink silk a good long sniff before scrunching them up in a ball & shoving them behind your teeth until they sit, jammed lusciously deep in the back of your throat. Almost immediately, u're coughing & spluttering while i slap several lengths of the bright yellow tape over your quivvering lips & chin. Then i use the remainder of the roll to lock your legs together at the ankles as well as above & below the knees.At this stage Sarah's holding a set of handcuffs in her gloved hand & as she forcefully pulls your arms behind your back & snaps the shiney steel ringlets tightly around your wrists, u let a dispairing whimper echo out through your newly acquired gag. A look of panic & fear as long since enveloped your pretty face & when i throw u around onto your tummy so as to hogtie u with an array of black rope, a salty tear trickles from the corner of your eye.'Why are u doing this to me!? Where am i being taken!? Whats gonna become of me!? Please help!!! Someone...anyone!?!? I'm being kidnapped!!! Pleeaasseee heelllpppp meeeee..!!!'_comes your somewhat pitiful, gag-muffled pleas as i forcefully yank your stilettoed feet up behind your back to meet your shackled wrists.Then i use the rope to hold u in that position...binding u at the ankles before tying the loose end of the rope to the handcuffs chain while Sarah gets to work with another rope. Smiling mischeivously at u, she proceeds to tangle the nylon fetter around u at the elbows...bringing them together until they're kissing eachother behind your back. Then she ties a triple knot in the thick rope & squeezes your tape-bound lips & cheeks with her hand.'Oh! Dont u worry your pretty lil' self Becky!'__taunts Sarah as she rolls your ridiculously short skirt up over your fleshy bottom & dishes out a good, half dozen hard spanks__'your fate will become clear soon enough slavegirl!!!'By now, u're rendered completely & utterly helpless...unable to do anything else but yelp & moan, tremble & shake....plead & sob in the boot of our car & when i roll u over onto your side, i can see a stream of sparkling, slavegirl tears flowing down your cheeks.Laughing evily though, i grasp the collar of your curve-hugging blouse & watch the buttons shoot in all directions through the air as i rip it open to expose your lovely, supple breasts. Then i give u a brief smile before leaning into the trunk to nibble & suck on your nipples...bringing them to full hardness despite your esculating fear.All u can do though is look pleadingly into Sarah unsympathetic eyes, as if to beg for release...but theres no chance of that now. U're now at the mercy of two total strangers & are completely sober as the pain of your bondage & the playful spanking rips through every limb of your body.'Its time to take a little trip Becky..!!! Hopefully u'll find it a pleasant & comfortable one, but i seriously doubt it sweetheart..!!!!'__teases Sarah, sniggering menacingly as she reaches between your legs to stroke & gently tug on the quivvering folds of your pussy before slithering two exploratory fingers deep inside u__'We're gonna enjoy plugging both of your dirty, smelly, cock-loving lil' shucks over & over again when we get u back to our bondage lair..!!!! U'll be mine & Ken's sex-crazed lil' whore for many years to come & u'll do all that we ask, however filthy or degrading it may be for u. Everyday, all day long...for delightfully filthy hour after delightfully filthy hour, we're gonna torment, torture & fuck u until u're nothing more than an exhausted lump of useless slave-meat on our dungeon floor. Then we're gonna torment u some more. Dont worry though...we'll let u sleep on occasion. They're plenty of cages, vacbeds & rubber sleepsac's in our dungeon & each'N'every one of them has your name on it. For now though, just relax & enjoy the trip..!!! We'll have u in your new home in an hour or two sweetheart..!!'__& again, Sarah fills the pre-dawn air with laughter before denying u climax by yanking her sticky digits out of u & slapping your pussy a few times.Just then your phone rings & your eyes widen with the hope of rescue when i accept the call. However, when I place the mobile up against your gagged mouth & ear so u can hear the man on the other end, your heart sinks upon realising who it is & whats he's went & done.'Judging by the sounds of those gag-muffled sobs of yours, i take it Ken & Sarah have u bound in the boot of their trunk already Becky..!!! Good stuff..!!! I knew i could count on them..!!!!'__comes the voice of your ever-loving husband as Sarah leans into the trunk & clips rubber-studded clamps to your wonderfully erect nipples.'I've known Ken & Sarah for many years & they're forever paying me to bring them slavegirls & this time i thought of u Becky..!!! Wasn't that nice of me...heeeheee..!!! U should be honoured though..!!! I got a lot of money for u...$2000 to be exact..!!!'__& again, your husband laughs in your ear while u begin to weep__'awwwe, now...now, dont cry Becky..!!! U'll love life at Drool School. Master Ken & Sarah own your sexy ass now & they'll keep that tasty lil' pussy of yours nice & juicy at all times...& maybe, just maybe I'll see u again. Who knows....heeeheee. Until then though, i'm gonna buy myself a nice mail-order bride with the money u've earned me, & I'm gonna enjoy fucking the lil' bitch every single night...!!! Goodbye Emma..!!! Have fun..!!! heehee...' & the phone goes dead.Then all light gets snatched away from u when i slip a blindfold over your face & forcefully slam the boot-lid shut before getting into the car with Sarah & driving off in the direction of the slave farm....your new home...!!!! (END of CHAPTER ONE)-----------------------------------Reply to this in whatever slutty manner u wish;-) And i'll bounce Chapter Two in your direction (along with Chapter One again). LOL


Wife Sharing.

After being on the circuit for less than three months, we hooked up with someone. We were not able to invite him into our home because we broke the bed last week screwing in preparation for meeting up with him.
We rented a room in a local area hotel. That was the first mistake. The room looked okay, but once inside the true nature of its filth and disrepair came to the front. The bathroom light didn't work. One of the lights in the main room didn't work. There was gum in the doorjamb, head marks on the headboard, etc... When we did get the light to work, I went in to kiss my wife on the back of her neck and when I stepped into the bathroom, the light went off again.
I couldn't sleep all night long. I had jitters big-time. I had done these 20 years ago, but never with my wife. Finally after six hours of the both of us tossing and turning in the crappy hotel room, we decide to shower.
We get into the shower and it is nice and hot. We start to get all soaped up and the hot water ends. We are in Northern New Hampshire. When you lose the hot water, it isn't like it gets a little cold. So, we had to leave the hotel and go back to our house for her to shower. I am running back and forth between the hotel and our house trying to catch the guy who is supposed to be meeting us. I leave a note on the door and when I return with my wife it is gone. A few minutes later he arrives and we all enter the hotel.
I have to shower and so he and my wife are alone. I hear them talking and the next question I hear from him is, "do you mind if I suck your wife's tits." I am in the shower and I reply, "not at all." So I finish my shower in like two seconds and come out to see my wife of six years spread out naked on the bed, while a stranger we met on the Internet is licking her pussy.
The next thing I see is his cock sticking straight out from his body. I have an average six inch cock; he has a nine inch cock that is six inches around. My wife says before he started to eat her pussy, he kissed her on the top of her clit and said, "Relax and enjoy." That sent shivers down her spine, she said. So, I am all wet and jump out of the shower and get by her side. I start to suck on her nipples, of course. Then I start to kiss and I breathe in her moans as he is tongue fucking her. He is using his tongue like a dick, something I do not do, nor had I thought of? Needless to say, I will work on that, lol! He is also fingering her clit and g-spot. She is climbing all over the bed. We decide to stop and that is when he puts on a condom and she starts to give him head.
She is sucking his cock, to see your wife suck another man's cock for the first time is a rush. She was so into it and moaning. She was in the doggy-style position and I was behind her. She was bent over him while he was lying back on the bed. He was fingering her clit. So I started to spank her and caress her ass. Then I start to lick her ass as she is sucking his cock. I use my tongue like a cock and start moving it in and out of her ass. She caresses his ball sack while she does her best to deep throat him.
She finally has had enough and decides to mount him. She was more than wet enough after the two of us attacked her for about 30 minutes of foreplay. We had both eaten her pussy, she sucked out cocks, we sucked and played with her breasts, you know. She slowly started to sink down on him and moan. Then as she took him all in, she started to give out little cries of pleasure. She took all nine inches. So much so that it looked like he was bareback inside her. He was playing with her breasts and she was upright rocking back and forth on his rigid cock. Her pussy lips were clinging to his cock like she didn't want to let him leave her pussy. She had her eyes closed and I let her go for a while. She then motioned for me to join them and I started by kissing the back of her neck. I then kissed her and again she was moaning her pleasure into my mouth.
I had them move to the edge of the bed and I knelt down and started to lick her ass again as she rode his cock. This really set her off. She would impale her self on his cock and at the same time I would make my tongue rigid and she would impale herself on my tongue. This went on for a while and then I switched from my tongue to my finger. She was getting off so much at this point. We haven't done anal, but have just started experimenting. So she hasn't taken a cock in the ass yet.
This went on until she needed to switch positions. She decided that she wanted him doggy-style. He entered her from behind, softly at first. She sucked my cock as I lay on the bed. I could feel him thrusting into her as she matched her motions to his thrusts. As he thrusted deeper and harder, she would take my cock out of mouth and moan. This went on until we switched positions into the missionary-style.
He pushed his cock slowly into her pussy and kissed her deeply. Once he was all the way in, I took over the kissing part and sucked on her nipples as he worked his cock into her. Again, for those interested in size. He has a nine inch cock that is six inches around. This was the biggest cock my 38 year-old wife has ever seen or had in person. That she was sharing this time with her husband and him was turning her on to the extreme. We were living out a lot of our wife-sharing fantasies in one morning of lust.
Our friend had only one condom on him and so it was decided that I would fly. I was out the door to the local store for a box of Magnum Trojans. I felt strange leaving my wife alone with him, but that is what she wanted. When I came back, she was 69ing with him and sucking his cock without a condom. She said she inspected him and he looked fine. He had been eating her pussy for about 45 minutes already and she had to suck his cock. That is what she told me anyway. So from that point on, the oral sex was without a condom. (Hi Petes wife here) he asked me to make him hard again and if I had a problem giving him head without a condom and after as much time as he had spent eating my pussy I figured at that point if he had anything I already had gotten it from his mouth and he wasn't leaking any precum I said I would be happy to make him hard!
The next position was my wife and I 69ing while he entered her from behind. He was so large that he had no problems fitting into her and not hitting me in the head with his nut sack. So this went on for quite a while. This was her favorite position. Getting deeply fucked with his cock, while sucking on my cock, while I licked and sucked her clit. He then switched to trying to enter her ass with his massive cock. This did not work, but I almost blew my nut several times while we were 69ing. It looked like he got a little bit in, but that was it. After entering her ass a little, he switched condoms and we switched positions again. We just kept trying to think up different things to try and did them.
We look forward to meeting with this person again. He was at ease with himself, not pushy at all, just a friendly sort. He asked what we wanted to do and did it. My wife is in love with his tongue, believe it or not. As he thrust into her from a few positions, sometimes he hurt her. So, with a little work on our parts, this will not happen again. Her favorite position was to ride his cock while I was licking and fingering her ass. We will be doing the DP next. I will get my cock into her ass then they can 69 while I fuck her ass. Then she can mount his cock and I'll enter from behind. Believe me, with his size, this won't be a problem; we were almost there this time. This is not a story; the events that have transpired are real. After six years of talking about it, we have entered the lifestyle, I would say with a vengeance!
For those of you who posted stories before this one, I thank you. This is my attempt at repaying and sharing with my peers. We had two hours; he wants to meet with us again and has already contacted us to do so. I will be working my cock into my wife's ass and letting you know how it is going. Good luck and safe perving!!! - Hubby

So Hot.

Saw this girl a couple of years ago, don't know her name but Becky and I both want to fuck her she is so hot.

Cheap Whore.

Good Girl.

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African Gangbanged Bride

The first time that I ever had a black cock was when I was 18 and on a trip to Africa with my new husband Ben. We were on the 2nd week of our Honeymoon when one night in the hotel bar, Ben, my husband who is an anthropologist and is 43 years old, was talking to a group of old black men about their tribes and customs etcetera. It was very warm, no, very HOT. So I was wearing a bikini top and mini-skirt, no panties or stockings as I was longing for a cool breeze to waft up between my legs and cool me off. I was having a miserable time just hanging around waiting for Ben and drinking when this really gorgeous African man came over and introduced himself to me. He told me his name which I couldn't pronounce but it sounded a bit like George, so that's what I called him. We talked and danced for a couple of hours and as I'd had a few drinks, I didn't object when his hands started to roam, squeezing my bottom and playing with my breasts. I was actually enjoying it as Ben had been neglecting me a bit. Being on Honeymoon, I thought that we would be having sex night and day but maybe because Ben is so much older than I am, we had only done it 3 times in 9 days. Then George asked me to go outside for some air. I was going to tell my husband that I'd be right back but he was so engrossed in talking that he hadn't even noticed me dancing never mind notice me going outside with a tall black African. The store, the church and the hotel were the only solid wooden structures there. The only other buildings were grass huts. That is except for a small wooden barn that we found when he took me around to the back of the hotel. He was kissing me and I was really drunk and just having an awesome time kissing him back as I was being groped by this very handsome and exotic, black man. We went into the barn and lay down on the straw. I slipped my bikini top down and let him suck and squeeze my breasts. My legs were spread and he was between them. I knew what was happening when I felt his hard cock brushing along my inner thigh; and I loved it. I was longing to feel his cock start to penetrate me. I remember it felt really good as it slipped inside. He was kissing me and pumping his lovely cock into me. I was just moaning and holding on. It was very warm and steamy in the small barn and we both were sweating and breathing heavy as we kissed and rubbed and fucked. I was very close to having an orgasm when I opened my eyes and looked over his shoulder to see three tribesmen watching us. My first thought was panic, but just then George really started to fuck me hard. He was groaning and slamming into me. I knew he was cumming. Then I could feel his hot cum flood my pussy as he squirted it deep inside me. I was lost in passion and I just closed my eyes and thrust my pelvis into his. I was still very close to cumming, when he started to slow down and he whispered some things in my ear that I didn't quite hear as he finally stopped. He kissed me and smiled as he pulled his cock out. God I felt so empty as I felt his cum seeping out of my pussy. He got up and pulled his pants up. I was still lying in the straw. I sat up a little and closed my legs and covered my breasts with my hands. As I opened my eyes, I could see that there were now six tribesmen, who were wearing only loincloths; looking at me and smiling and discussing me in their own language. I knew I was really drunk, but I must have been completely insane too, because instead of screaming for my husband, I exposed my naked breasts to the tall black natives and, as I looked down at my breasts, I let my leg fall open slightly; I knew they could all easily see my pussy. I looked up and all I really remember is the necklace of 'lions teeth' that the 1st big tribesman had around his neck, as he was pushing in between my legs. I laid back and closed my eyes as I felt his cock find my pussy. He rubbed it up and down in my pussylips before he finally slipped it inside of my grateful pussy. I must have been the first white girl he had ever been with because he fucked me hard for about one minute before he was groaning and shooting his spunk inside my cunt to mingle with George's spunk. I loved it. All I remember is that the men were older; much older than George. They all seemed like wild tribesmen, so they must have loved getting between the legs of such a young, white girl. A couple of them were brown and a couple were jet black, but they all loved fucking me and everyone of them pumped a load of spunk deep inside my pussy. As the last man fucked me hard and finally shot his load inside my completely loose and sloppy pussy, I just laid there in a pool of cum, sweaty and exhausted. The man was still on top of me breathing hard and I could still feel his pulsing cock inside me as his cum spurted out around it and down over my arse. I never really had an orgasm during sex before. But that night, after the second man fucked me, I swear I never stopped cumming. With each new cock, my orgasms grew stronger and stronger. I was moaning and kissing and letting these savages fuck me and suck on my nipples. God, I was in cock heaven! When the last one had finished fucking me, I noticed that George and his friends were still looking at me and smiling. Somebody said something and George nodded. Then George pulled me to my feet. I pulled my top back on and straightened my cum soaked skirt. George walked me a little further through the village huts and away from the hotel. I could feel all the men's spunk pouring down my legs, running down my inner thighs and calves, and down onto my ankles and bare feet. I had lost my shoes in the barn. I was still very drunk and shaky from that unbelievable sexual experience. The tribesmen followed along behind us. We entered a long hut. It was quite dark inside and I could barely see. There was a slightly raised platform in the centre of the hut and I could see a couple more tribesmen in the shadows. George walked me to raised platform. I looked back towards the entrance of the long hut and I saw the men there. I guessed that there must have been at least 10 or maybe even more. I felt George kiss me and reach down and squeeze my cum smeared arse cheeks. I felt hands from behind and mouths kissing my neck, hands on my tits and groping my pussy. I don't know, I guess I just lost control because the next thing I knew I was on my knees on the platform, sucking black cock like a complete slut. I loved tasting those sweaty cocks. Some were pretty big and others average. A couple of the men came in my mouth before they lined up to fuck my sloppy, cum dripping pussy. I was completely lost. Men were fucking me and I was sucking cock after cock, men sucked and rubbed and pinched my nipples and I just started to cum again. I swallowed a couple more hot sticky loads and I felt a couple more men cum deep inside my cunt. I had a thick cock all the way down my throat, I could feel his cum pumping right down and I barely had to swallow his thick wads, when I felt someone trying to slip his cock into my arse. I'd had anal sex a few times before, but I wasn't too sure about this but they weren't asking my permission, they just used me any way they wanted to and the next thing I knew he was fucking me in the arse as some other man gave me his cock to suck. I must admit, it felt really good. A cock in my mouth and one deep in my arse. I was just a complete slut at that point. I felt so full. So full of lovely big black cocks. My pussy was still tingling from all the cock and cum I'd had earlier, I was just delirious. I was sucking and moaning, I could feel the big cock slipping in and out of my tight little arse, his cock felt so big that it hurt a little at first, but he fucked me real slow and easy before he let out a groan and shot hot cum deep in my arse. The next man fucked my pussy and got his cock nice and slippery, then he fucked me in the arse too; and the next man and the next man and the next man. I don't even know how many of them thrust and pumped my arsehole full of their cum, it must have been at least 7 or 8 of them. I just sucked cock after cock and swallowed load after load as the tribesmen banged my arse until it was pretty loose and sloppy too. After about the fourth or fifth man, my arsehole felt kind of like my pussy but just a little tighter, so as each new man fucked my arse, his initial penetration wasn't uncomfortable, in fact, it felt good. I could have easily satisfied 20 men with my arse. I don't know where it ended or how long I was gone, but at some point, the last man moaned and squirted his load into my mouth and I swallowed it down. I never even saw the black tribesmen leave, but when I finally caught my breath and looked up, it was just George and I. I don't even know how many men I gang-banged that night. I certainly didn't ask. I just wondered if they ever got to fuck any other white girls. I was a cum covered mess, my legs and face and stomach were smeared with dirt and cum, my hair was destroyed. God I looked awful. But luckily the toilet was right by the door to the bar and George took me to it. I cleaned my face and body and put my hair up and let the cum seep out of my arse and pussy into the toilet bowl. After a couple of minutes, I didn't look too bad so I rejoined my husband and George back at the bar. My pussy and arse were sore for a couple of days after that night. And, of course, every black man I saw, I wondered if he'd been there, if he'd had my pussy, arse, or mouth. Later that night, I confessed to my husband Ben what had happened. I almost fell over with shock; when he told me that not only did he know all about it but he had arranged with George to set the gang bang up and he had watched the whole proceedings. He has arranged gang bangs for me in other parts of the world but nothing was ever as good as that first time in Africa.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

The Newbie.

The Newest Cheerleader Being a Dallas Cowboy's Cheerleader was a dream come true for me. After all the auditions, and interviews I'd gone through to get the job, I really felt honored to finally be chosen. When on my first day of practice I went out on to the ball field I was so excited you could have knocked me down with a firm shove. Our costumes consisted of scanty wisps of nylon, and small shorts, or long dance leotards that hugged our bodies close. You HAD to be in shape, else every little bulge or flabby spot would show. Terry, a bitchy blonde who'd originally given me bad advice constantly griped about wearing skimpy costumes just to give the guys in the audience a thrill. She kept saying that she'd rather fuck a bull be nice to most of the sports fan slobs. It was Nancy, a slim brunette that told me to ignore Terry. Nancy was very pretty, with a slim figure and legs that were perfect, especially when they extended out from beneath a pair of our purple shorts. Nancy had introduced me to Kim and Lori, and we ended up as a foursome whenever we practiced or traveled. It was after our first week of practice when Nancy asked me if I wanted to come over to her place for a swim, and some relaxation. It really did sound like fun, especially since Kim and Lori were both going to be there and some of the other girls too. I followed them to Nancy's house, some forty minutes away from the gym. Her place wasn't much, but it was nice. Nancy had gotten the house after divorcing her husband, which surprised me, since Nancy looked only about 23. In fact she was really 26. Maybe it was her blue eyes that seemed to sparkle all the time that made her look younger. The house sat on a hillside, and she had no real neighbors to speak of, and the pool was large, surrounded by a nice wooden deck. I mentioned to Nancy that I didn't have a suit, and asked if I could borrow one. "Suit?" Nancy laughed. "None required in my pool, unless you're bashful." I'd never considered skinny-dipping and I stared at Kim when she boldly walked out the back door and dropped her clothes, shorts and a blue T-shirt then dove into the pool naked. Lori followed suit, peeling off her spandex racer-back top and showing off her full breasts. She too dove into the water, stark naked. Nancy was pulling her top over her head and I started to do likewise, figuring "when in Rome..." The four of us swam around, splashing each other and generally having fun. Lori crawled out and spread herself out on the deck, letting the warm sun dry her. Nancy and Kim raced back and forth, and I just loafed around. After about thirty minutes we all got out and sat around in Nancy's backyard, stark naked talking about Terry and the other three bitches in our squad. Kim produced a couple of joints and we smoked them, getting a pretty good buzz. Then Nancy suggested that we should grab something to drink. We went in, picking up our clothes on the way. I was going to get dressed, but the others dropped their clothes in a heap on a chair inside the door, so I did likewise. I felt a little odd, walking around someone else's house nude, especially with six other girls there. But it was all so easy and free, I went along with it. Lori was telling us about one of the guys she went out with, and the size of his prick. She made him seem like a super-stud, with a monster of a prick and able to fuck all night. Kim kept squirming around on the bar stool, making the seat swivel back and forth. Each time she swung around, her breasts brushed the cold counter top, and I could see how hard her nipples were. I was getting aroused by Lori's story too. Then, out of the blue, Lori made an announcement. "Let's all take a shower." She said with a playful look in her eye. Suddenly Kim and Lori a several of the other girls were dashing for the bathroom, and Nancy told me to come along, walking behind them. I followed, unsure of what was about to happen, but I had visions of seven naked girls crowding into a shower. As it turned out, Nancy's house had a shower big enough for about eight or ten, with two shower nozzles and controls on opposite walls. Kim and Lori were already soaping up, and Nancy climbed right in. I was a little unsure of this, and carefully climbed into the shower after them. I wanted to rinse the chlorine smell off me and out of my hair. Nancy volunteered to wash my hair and I didn't object. My hair reaches down almost to my waist, and I keep it braided most of the time. Pretty soon, I was standing with my head back and Nancy was massaging my scalp. "Shit! Can you take over a minute Lori?" I heard Nancy say, "I've got soap in my eye." Lori began washing the lower part of my hair, telling me that she'd had hers long in high school, but loved it shorter now. I heard Kim say she was getting out, and then Nancy said she was going to make some tea. I relaxed and let Lori finish my hair, and then rinse it out. It felt nice to have someone else do the work for a change. "You've got a nice figure." Lori said. "I bet guys go crazy over your tits though." Guys did actually. I have 40C breasts, and the nipples are pierced with little gold rings. My tits are big enough to be lots of fun. After rinsing, Lori said she was getting out too, and I soaped up and rinsed off quickly. I stepped out and used a towel that Nancy had left and then headed out of the bathroom. Hands grabbed my arms and I was scooped up and carried towards the back of the house. They were having fun with their little trick on me. "Hey! What's going on? What're you doing?" I yelled, struggling but not too hard. I was dumped onto the kitchen counter, and Lori sat on my legs, tickling me, while Kim and Nancy held my arms. I was laughing and struggling, and a little bit goofy from the joints. I didn't notice anything really weird until I realized both my legs were being held down. Nancy picked up a bowl of fruit, and fed me a strawberry. It was cold, and sweet, so I ate it. I figured this was some sort of "rite" that they were doing to me, so I didn't resist. Nancy stood next to me at the counter, as naked as I was, feeding me orange slices, apple pieces, strawberries, grapes and the like. "Hmmm, now this might be interesting." She said, picking up a banana. I giggled, then laughed at the age-old idea of special uses for a banana. I watched as Nancy peeled it. She looked down a me, playfully. "How far down d'you think you can take it?" She asked. "Hmm," I said, giggling too, "Eight inches!" That was the size of my last boyfriend and I'd taken him all the way. Nancy fed the banana too me, and I arched back letting it slide into my throat. She pressed it deep, and then withdrew it. I gagged a little, but not much. Lori showed up with a tape measure and ran it from Nancy's finger to the end. "Jeeez, pretty good." Lori said. "Nine and three-eighths of an inch." "Really?" I said. "I'll bet you're a pretty good cock sucker." Lori said, leaning over. "Among other things." I said, giggling. "Watch this!" Kim said, taking the banana from Nancy. I raised my head and watched Kim take the long banana into her mouth, and surround the end with her lips, then push it back out. She sucked it in, then closed her lips again, then pushed it back out. I was amazed at the sight of it, and I felt both envious, and aroused thinking about her ability. "That's a ten inch banana too." Lori said. "Try this." Nancy said, reaching into a drawer and tossing Kim a very long dildo. "It's fourteen inches long." Kim arched her head back like a sword swallower, and we watched most of it disappear. All but one or two inches which she held on to with her fingers. She pulled it out, and bowed. "Gawd, girl!" Nancy said, "You're incredible." "I have other talents too you know." Kim smiled. I had been aware of being aroused, but now I realized that Lori was drawing circles on my right breast with her fingers. I was about to say something to her, when Kim interrupted, without saying a word. Kim stuck her tongue out, and held it out a full five inches from her lips! It was the most incredibly long tongue I'd ever seen, still is! She flicked it up and down, and around, then pulled it back into her mouth and smiled. "Ohhh Jeeez-us!" Nancy said, "You'd better show us how that works." "Glad to." Kim said. Kim crawled up onto the counter between my legs, and I shifted a little bit, uncomfortable with her closeness, and frightened by my own arousal, and by her oral abilities. Kim bent down towards my pussy. "No. Kim, no!" I pleaded. She stopped, far enough away from my pussy, or so I thought. I felt the tip of her tongue graze my clit, and I jumped. "She's too far away!" I thought wildly. "How?!" I wondered, then remembered her tongue. Then "IT" happened. Kim slid forward, putting her mouth fully over my pussy, and slid her tongue up inside me. Rockets, bells, whistles, horns, everything went off in my head. My body arched up and thrust against her invading tongue. I orgasmed for several long seconds, and then fell back on the counter. But Kim had just started. She wiggled that snake-like tongue inside my pussy, and I felt it starting up again. Expertly, she fucked me with her tongue, which was both stiff, and soft at the same time. I squeezed it with my pussy, feeling it slither past in or out. Then she sucked my clit, her tongue flicking rapidly over it and circling it with the most beautiful rhythm. I arched again, coming hard and moaning. I pulled at the hands holding my hands and feet, frustrated by not being able to move much. When I opened my eyes, Kim was standing up and smiling at me. Lori and Nancy were fingering each other's pussies. Kim looked right at me - and her long tongue snaked out and licked my cream from her chin! "Was that all me?" I asked, shocked at the wet mess on her face. "Um-hmmm!" Kim replied, "You cum a lot hon, and you taste good too." I couldn't believe I was doing this. Naked on a kitchen counter with another woman eating my pussy - and enjoying it! Nancy leaned over and licked the length of my pussy, tasting me and making me arch up. "You're right, she does taste good." Lori repeated it, and then they all took turns, each taking only one lick of my pussy. It was driving me crazy, and I wanted to cum again. Kim leaned down and shoved her tongue inside me, and Nancy sucked my clit, humming as she did. The vibrations set me off, and I climaxed with a loud moan, clenching Kim's slippery tongue in my pussy. "God girl!" Kim cried out. "You almost sucked my tongue into your pussy!" Kim slipped up over me, and bent down. Our eyes met, and she turned her head, coming closer. I responded automatically, and we kissed. Her tongue entered, then filled my mouth, passionately swirling all around my tongue, licking the roof of my mouth, and under my tongue. I could feel my own wetness becoming a flood. Kim was turning me on! A LOT! I pulled a trick of my own, and sucked her tongue into my mouth, treating it like a cock, and sucking on it. Kim let me, then began to fuck my mouth with her long tongue. We did this for long minutes, and I could feel her pussy dripping onto my belly. Now, for the first time, I wanted, really wanted to lick a girl's pussy. "Let me eat you." I said breathlessly when she sat back. Kim gave an "ohhh" sigh, and moved over me, lowering her blonde bush to my mouth. Her musky, fragrant smell was erotic, and I licked her pussy lightly. Her taste was what I expected, much like mine. I began licking her pussy up and down, then circling her clit. In no time, Kim was rocking her hips back and forth over my mouth and tongue, her cream soaking my lips and chin. She squeezed her full breasts, moaning loudly. Kim soaked my face, then Lori climbed on while Nancy began licking me. Over and over, I ate each one of them until my jaws ached. Nancy was the wildest, rubbing her pussy on my tits, then fingering Lori's dripping cunt and smearing her juices all over my face. While Lori ate me, Kim and Nancy lay next to me, in a very torrid 69, and Kim got off and rubbed her pussy all over Nancy's tits. Nancy made me suck her tits before I came, and Lori licked Nancy's cream from mine. When we finished, they untied me, and we all made a circle, sucking each other's pussies. Then Nancy started on me with her big 10" dildo while everyone else watched, and no one had to hold me down anymore...
From then on, we were inseparable. Especially since Kim and I loved to get each other off. I loved her long tongue in me, and she loved the way I could suck and flick her clit just right to make her cum hard. At several games, Kim and I were the last ones out of the locker room, so we could spread each other's juices on our tits before the game. We were even on television, with the cameras zooming in on Kim and me as we cheered the crowd on. How many hard cocks or wet pussies would there have been, if they'd known that Kim's tits were sticky with my cream, or that her juice was running down between my tits along with sweat?

Saturday, 8 November 2008

At the Club.

Hiya, I’m so sorry but my life’s been a bit hectic lately, my hubby has been watching me more closely than ever, my bfs are being more demanding and I went out and got myself a job! Well not exactly went out and got it, but 1 came my way.1 of my bfs took me to a club somewhere in the midlands, called xtasia I think, and I thought it was gona be the usual for me, whenever I’m out with him he always takes me places where there will be plenty of people willing to use me while he watches and takes pics, there are so many pics of me now online I’ve even started seeing some with other peoples names on! This mobile phone stuff is too much at times.Anyway we went to this club and its sort of hot and horny you know? They have lots of places where you can be with any people you want to and a few places where you go if you are up for anyone who wants to play with you, my bf always tells me to go there.I was dressed normal 4 me, very short black satin skirt with full side splits, u know the type that are like 2 squares of satin joined at the top so every1 could see my stockings and that I wasn’t wearing knickers, a black satin bustier top that had the cups folded back in so my boobs and nipples were on show too and, black pirate boots, my bf made me walk from the street into the club like that, no coats allowed.Inside I had a few drinks and then we went upstairs where a lot of the public fucking goes on, there were a few couples stripped and fucking each other, it looked horny and I was already wet.My bf told me to go over to a curtained off area and to be a good slut.I went behind the curtains, it was dark and I was alone in there wondering what was going to happen, then some1 came behind with me and I felt a hand on my boob, then my leg and finally my pussy, you r a slut aren’t u said the guy, then the curtain parted and some1 else came in, and the curtain at the other end opened allowing at least 2 more people, next thing I know I am being groped all over, there were hands and lips everywhere and I was moaning out load like a whore, it wasn’t long before they made me cum and the my bf opened the curtain and told me to follow him, as I left the area I looked back and saw that there had been at least 5 people behind the curtains with me, my bf told me 2 call them 2 follow and any1 else who wanted.he led me to a different part of the club not far away, it was a super large mattress area that had a big glass panel for people to watch through, as I went in there he told me to take my skirt off so I did, the 5 guys that had been groping me came in straight away and my bf said, fuck the whore anyway you want to, she’s married and her old man don’t do her so she likes to take it always when I take her out. then he told me that this was the greedy girls area and that any girl in here was saying she was fair game for any1 that wanted a fuck, and there seemed to be plenty of single guys in here tonight and that I was not to get up from there until they had finished with me.I saw 1 of the guys talking to him and my bf laughing, the guy came over and said to the rest, she’s a complete slut, her bf told me she takes cock in all her holes and that if we wanted to we were welcome to do her bareback.so there I was dressed in only bustier and boots, my tits and pussy on show 4 all to see and the guys started touching me until I was nearly going mad, then they started, I felt a cock between my pussy lips and another pushed into my face so I started sucking, it wasn’t long before they came in me and I started 1 long cum as well, then I looked up and could see a forest of cocks waiting, I was rolled over, taken doggy, tit fucked and sucked any cock that came near, soon they began to use my ass too, I lost track of how many guys fucked me or how many times, my bf reckons that at least 20 used me that night, my legs were weak when they had finished, at 1 stage I had 2 cocks stuffed up my pussy and 1 in my mouth and another time I had all 3 holes stuffed at the same time, I was in my element.after every1 had had their share , it was closing 4 the club and I was asked to leave, some bastard had took my skirt, so I knew I was going to have to walk to the car without it, and with cum dripping out of everywhere and over me.as we were leaving a guy came up to me and asked if I fancied a job with his company, I would be a pa but would also be expected to keep every1 happy at his discretion, my bf said yes for me, the guy gave me his card and left.considering how late it was there were plenty of people about that saw me leave the club, the pub next to it is a haunt for black guys and they were calling me every type of whore and slut and asking if I wanted to sample real cock!my bf took me back home, hubby was away, so I could have a nice hot bath and freshen up, my tits were black and blue, and I didn’t think my pussy or ass would ever be the same!Still there have been a lot more cocks since then and I even found out that 1 of my bfs has been charging people for me!

My First Black Cock.

My first Black Cock.

I broke my foot a few weeks ago and have been kind of laid up. One of our neighbours has been helping my wife do a few things around the house. We have known him for about 3 years since he moved in across the street. He is a black man that is built like a linebacker. He stops over to our house about once a week usually when my wife is out by the pool. Ever since we've shared fantasies involving cuckolding I've never felt her so wet in bed and knew she was ready if the opportunity ever presented itself. Tony it seemed was our bull.He is always flirting with her and teasing her about how much better black guys are at sex and its to bad she was married. Then they always laugh.Tuesday he invited us to go to dinner and have a few drinks. We went to a bar and resturant that had salsa dancing. Tony got us a booth that faced the dance floor and he told me to sit on the side so I could watch the dancers and put my foot up on the booth. Tony and Terry sat across from me. Terry had on a short white dress that had fringes at the bottom and was very low cut.Tony asked her if she wanted to dance which she loves to do. They went out on the dance floor and danced to several songs. She looked really hot out there and I noticed several guys checking her out. Tony would spin her around and her dress would go up showing her white thong and part of her ass. They came back and sat with me for awhile he said man your wife is a good dancer and she looks great out there too.I told them that when you spin her around I could see her thong. Tony said well why do you think I was doing that so much. My wife asked me if I was getting bored sitting here by myself. I said no I am just enjoying the music and watching the dancers. She said okay then and her and Tony went back to the dance floor. After a few songs Terry came back over to the table she said they were really hot and were going to step outside for some fresh air for a few minutes, then she said watch my purse honey.They were gone for about 20 minutes. When they came back in my wife came up behind me and bent over the back of the booth, she kissed me and stuck her tongue in my mouth, thanked me and said she was having a great time. She said she was going to the bathroom and said she would be right back. I looked down and she had dropped her thong on my lap.While she was gone Tony said your wife is really hot she should drink those margaritas more often. When Terry came back she said she was ready to go & that she is kind of worn out.We left and when we got to the car Terry got into the backseat with Tony. She put her feet on his lap and asked him to rub her feet that her shoes were killing her. Then she said oh that feels so good your hands are so big and strong. I kept looking back in the rear view mirror but couldn't really see much but figured Tony was getting a good look at her pussy because she had removed her thong.When we got to our house Terry invited Tony in for a drink. He said maybe he better go home she said oh come on it's early yet. He agreed and came in she told me to make us some drinks while she goes up and changes. We heard her go into the shower and she was upstairs for awhile. Tony told me again how hot she was and that he really enjoyed dancing with her. When Terry came back down she had put on a black satin robe she said "there I feel so much better". She looked at me and said "did you enjoy watching us dance baby?"I said yes it was really hot watching the 2 of you out there. Then she turned to Tony and said I knew he would like it, he likes to watch you know. Then she kissed him on the lips, and said you want to let him watch some more and pulled her robe open. He looked over at me and I said go for it buddy. Tony pulled her closer to him and kissed her and then put his hands on her breasts and his hand covered most of her boob.Terry reached up and put her hands on his crotch and squeezed his cock. she said when we were dancing and I felt your cock against me I knew I had to have this. Then she got on her knees and opened his pants. She reached into his underwear and pulled out his cock. He was about 8 inches long and still not hard. She looked back at me and said did you taste his come when I kissed you at the bar. While we were outside I gave him a blowjob and still had cum in my mouth when I kissed you in the bar.Tony looked at me and said I told you she was hot and now I am going to get to fuck her bald pussy right in front of you. Terry stood up and removed her robe. She stood in front of him only wearing a black garter with nylons. Tony put his finger into her pussy and moved it in and out saying I love that bald tight wet cunt baby. I want my cock inside of you. Then leaned over and licked her clit. Terry got down on her knees and starting sucking his cock again as he was now fully hard and pulled her up and said are you ready for the best fuck you ever had baby.Terry said well let's go upstairs where its more comfortable. We all went upstairs and Tony carried up a chair for me. I told him there was a rubber in the nightstand he said I hate those things it kills the feeling. Then he said don't worry I am clean and I will pull out before I cum. Terry said it's okay just put that big cock in me. Tony got between her legs and started rubbing her clit with his cock. She started begging him come on give it to me let me feel that monster in me. He slowly started to enter her saying oh baby you are so tight it almost hurts.It took him awhile but soon was all the way in her Terry was saying "yea baby fuck me, give it a to me baby" and he fucked her for about a half hour and gave her several orgasms. He said he was ready to come and asked her where she wanted him to cum. She reached around him and slid a finger in his ass and said give it to me baby I want to feel it inside of me. Tony tensed up and started to cum he seemed to just keep going for what seemed like minutes. Then just stopped and laid on her for awhile. When he rolled off of her I could see the cum dripping from her pussy. Then she said to me "will you come over her and clean me up baby & show Tony how much you love me."That was our first time and only time so far but what a start.

Our True Cuckold Story - Becky and I have been together for about four and half years now. From the moment we met each other we fucked like rabbits. It wasn’t that far along into our relationship that we let our guards down and started talking about our inner most thoughts and desires. She told me about how she liked women and how she had been with them in the past. Like most guys, this wasn’t something that would even come close to bothering me. Becky also told me that even though she liked it, this was something that was usually brought on by her ex-boyfriends. What it boiled down to was she had desires as well, and wasn’t shy to let me know. Not that I wasn’t enough, but a group of guys pleasing her at once was something that crossed her mind more than once. In fact, embarrassed to tell me, she talked about her secret fantasy about being gang raped by a bunch of guys she doesn’t know. I let her know that this was perfectly normal, and even though I had never done such a thing, the idea rested calmly with me. This made Becky feel good, and wasn’t shy to let me know how she felt about it all. The fact was, even though she enjoyed it, the main reason she slept with the girls all stemmed from making her boyfriends happy. After all, she felt it was her turn, and who could blame her.
It wasn’t but a couple of months into our relationship that I realized how serious Becky was about living out her fantasy. A friend of mine who I worked with at the time put on a party which Becky and I attended. She had a few drinks and unbeknown to me proposed the idea of helping me pleasure her to a couple of my co-workers. This didn’t upset me, but like them, it shocked me. I then understood how strong her desires were. Even though they acknowledged support for the idea, when it came right down to it, nothing happened.
Now realizing the veracity of the situation, I thought it best to go online and see if we couldn’t take care of her. We met a couple of guys online. They we’re young, good looking, clean, and eager. It was time to set a date. We agreed to meet at a local bar, and take it from there. Becky was ecstatic! When we got to the bar, she couldn’t stop shaking, but after a few drinks, and a couple of hours of waiting, the mood quickly shifted. Where were they? They never showed. Thinking that they got scared and chickened out, Becky and I went back online and found a guy named Todd. He was a bit older than the previous kids, but seemed more determined. Becky thought that maybe two guys and myself might be too much for her at first, and maybe this Todd guy was just what she needed. We agreed to meet at the same bar in which we we’re to meet the kids at, but this time, he showed. We had a few drinks, and agreed to head back to our place.
We we’re in the living room having drinks and getting to know each other, but it wasn’t long before Becky pulled of her clothes and started sucking Todd and I off. As much fun as it was, we all thought it best to go to the bedroom. As we got into the bedroom, I remembered that I had left the condoms in the living room. When I got back, it didn’t seem to matter to either one of them, Becky was already riding Todd and she looked hot. We swapped off a couple of times, and it wasn’t long before she had me cumming. Todd looked like he was having a hell of a time, and fucked her for good twenty more minutes before cumming all over her ass.
Later that week, we found out that those two kids we we’re supposed to meet earlier, never did chicken out, but our plans of where to meet got mixed up. They wanted to know if we could try to meet up again. Even though the thought intrigued us, now was just not a good time. After the whole Todd thing, we we’re a little worried. After all, in the passion of everything, she forgot to put on a condom. So like anyone would do in our position, we got tested, and not just once. All and all, it worked out fine. We we’re clean. Over the next couple of years, the closest we would come to fulfilling her fantasy would revolve around drunken nights watching porn. It seemed like we we’re having sex less and less. I knew she still loved me, and still found me attractive, but I also knew she was getting bored with the same old sex routine.
It wasn’t till an old friend of ours came down to visit that I remembered what a horny girl she was, and remembered the fantasies she talked to me about. In fact, he was one of the guys she had proposed the idea to a few years back. It was at that party we went to when we first got together. We of course celebrated his arrival and had a few drinks. It wasn’t but a few hours after he had been at our place that she started whispering into my ear about how she wanted to fuck him. He had gone outside to smoke a cigarette when Becky grabbed my cock, and pulled me into the bedroom. We started making out, and making out big time. She hadn’t kissed me like that in years. She told me to go get our friend and to meet her in the bedroom. I was quick to react, but when outside, I didn’t know how to bring up the topic. The fact was, I wasn’t quite sure how he felt about the idea. However, I didn’t have to do much talking, as we looked into the house, there was Becky, butt naked, waving for us to come in. It was pretty clear as to what she wanted. We came in but our friend seemed nervous. Becky ended up having to put her clothes back on, but she wasn’t deterred. While in the kitchen, we talked about sex and our sex lives. Our friend told us about how he’s not very sexual, and that the last girl he was with couldn’t even get him hard. Becky of course, took this as a challenge, and was eager to prove that she could get him hard. I left them alone in the bedroom for a good ten minutes, but when I walked in, he still wasn’t hard. Surprised and frustrated, Becky looked like she needed a little help and some good coaching. It wasn’t too long after I stepped into the picture that our friend was hard and had m y wife riding him on top. It was then that I don’t know what came over me, but something told me to lube up my cock and slip my dick in along with his into her pussy. She had never done this before, and in fact we had never even talked about it, so when I slipped it in and she screamed, my first reaction was to take it out. After all I didn’t want to hurt her, but that wasn’t the case. The scream was a scream of pleasure. She told me to keep going. She had never felt this way before. She loved it, and we knew it. If the moans didn’t give us a clue, then surely the juices poring from her cunt would. However, her joys would be short lived. True to form, it wasn’t long before our friend got soft, and the whole experience had come to an end.
A couple of months went by, but I could still remember the sparkle Becky had in her eye when our friend came to visit. Eager to see it again, I decided to fulfill her fantasy once and for all. Remembering her rape fantasy, I thought that maybe I could go online and set something up myself. I obviously wouldn’t have her raped, but the element of surprise was what it was all about. Through my excitement, I couldn’t keep a secret. I eventually told her about my plans. Shocked but not upset, now that she knew, she wanted to be part of the process. Over the next few days, we started sending emails, and exchanging pictures. At the same time this was going on, we decided to get a membership at a local swinger’s club. It wasn’t so much to swing or anything, but we both wanted a place to hang out where we could lie out and sun bathe without any clothes on. Little did we know what that would lead to.
It was a Sunday afternoon. Becky had just got out of work. We decided to go down to the club, and catch a few rays. After some sun, she asked me if I wanted to fuck. After all, we we’re at a swinger’s club. With the sun on my back I slipped down and began to lick her pussy. I then felt a tap on my shoulder. It was a guy asking if he could watch. Lynn and I told him he could as I slipped my dick into her pussy. As we fucked, I glanced over my shoulder only to find four more guys watching as they stroked their dicks. It wasn’t long before a dozen guys and one chick were all watching us. One of the guys decided to take it upon him self to come over and start kissing her. At first she didn’t seem to mind, but it wasn’t long before he kept shoving his tongue down her throat, which made it hard for her to breath. She then decided to flip over, and have me do her doggy style. This would keep the guy from suffocating her. Little did she know that this would encourage guys to come around and try to get blowjobs. By the time I was finished, she must have sucked on four dicks. Needless to say, I was surprised. I didn’t know she had it in her. We then went down to the bar, where I was even more surprised to find out that she got all four of them off. I didn’t see it, but each one spewed all over her face and her hair. Not only did she not mind, but she also said she liked it.
The sun was setting. I figured we we’re done having sex, and that we would be leaving the club soon. I didn’t know how wrong I was. Becky leaned against the bar and whispered to me that she wanted to have sex again. Being a true guy, I wasn’t about say no. Hand and hand, we walked up to one of the rooms where a couple of guys were jacking off while watching porn. We walked around them and to the beds in the back of the room. She pushed me on the bed and started sucking me off. It felt good, but I needed to fuck her, so I did. It wasn’t long before the room filled with guys watching and stroking their cocks. One of the black guys got gutsy, came over, and Becky started sucking him. This got some of the other guys excited and provoked them to come on over. Before I knew it, a bunch of guys are surrounding Becky while I fucked her. With a dick in each hand and me in her pussy, she made the announcement that anyone who wanted to fuck would need a condom or they wouldn’t be fucking her. I’ve never in my life have ever seen guys scramble so fast for something. In a blink of an eye, six of them had condoms in hand. The guy next to me put his on and was ready, so I moved aside and let him slip in his big fat black cock into her. As he did, I watched her eyes roll back into her head. She had never been with a black guy before, and she wasn’t minding it. As he pounded her pussy, she stroked my dick, stroked another black guy’s dick, while sucking on this Latin guy’s cock. We all switched around, and it wasn’t long before she had guys cumming. One, two, three guys spurt all over her face and tits. She then asked us to switch off. Five of us took turns back and forth, fucking her for not more than thirty to sixty seconds each. One of the black guys asked if she liked to be double penetrated. I told him she did, but not up the ass. So we tried, but with the size of his big black dick, and roughness of the condom, it just wasn’t going to work. That didn’t seem to bother him too much since not to long after he pulled his dick out of her pussy and spewed all over her stomach and tits. She then said she had to take a piss. As she walked off to do her thing, I figured we were done. I couldn’t have been more wrong. After she was done pissing, she called us into the other room where the five of us who were left went running into. We took turns fucking her as she sucked and handled the rest. As I was fucking her doggy style she sucked the two guys in front of her, and at that point I had to flip her over and cum all over her. This got that last two black guys excited, and they weren’t too far behind. She tilted her head to the right as he squirted his cum all over her face and in her mouth. She spit it back up and continued to lick his dick with it. She then felt a couple of drops on her left side, so she turned over stuck her hand under the other guy’s balls, and stuck her tongue out as if she hadn’t a drop of water in a weeks time. Sure enough he came all over her face and down her tongue. She licked her lips with it, smiled, and once again, spit up the cum and licked him with it. With her face shining in the midst of cum, she took a towel and tried to wipe herself down. I use the word “try”, ‘cause she couldn’t stop quivering. She then had us cuddle around her and gave us all kisses thanking us all for a wonderful experience. Truth be known, she’s the one that should be thanked for making us all feel so good.
However, no good deed goes unrewarded. On the car ride home, she told me she climaxed about thirty times, and was still riding high. So with the wheel in one hand, I slipped my hand up her skirt and finger fucked her till we got home. I couldn’t wait any longer. She was moaning and groaning so much. I pushed her seat back, pulled up her skirt, and fucked her some more. Her pussy was still so juicy. With high heels braking everything on my dashboard, I banged her harder and harder until I pulled my dick out and spurt my cum all over her clothes. This night was one I’m sure we’ll never forget.

Becky & hubby

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Sexy! (5)

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Sexy! (4)

Sexy! (4), originally uploaded by ktk2008.

Loving this.

Saturday, 1 November 2008


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Monday, 27 October 2008

Again from the master.

I walk in the door from a busy day, and you can tell I am stressed and tired. You smile and try to ask me how my day was, but I grab you and throw you to the floor and I rip your blouse and dress off as I slap your face and tell you how dirty you are. I slap my cock against your face and I shove it in your mouth as I spank your little clit and pussy. I tell you how you are going to be a wild and dirty slut for me tonight, the likes the world has never seen. I roll you over and I shove my cock in your ass and I start to pound away, spanking your ass and pulling your hair as I ride you hard. I pinch and spank your clit and I make you tell me how nasty and dirty you are as I pop the head of my cock in and out of your ass. Finally I roll you over and I shove my cock in your mouth as I unload a massive amount of of cum down your throat. I lay back and I catch my breath, and I smile a wicked smile as I tell you we are only beginning to have fun tonight. I take you back to the bathroom and I pick out a little sundress for you to wear, no bra and no panties. I pull out your high heels and I tell you to clean up and get dressed. I specifically order you to have that little asshole of yours clean for the night before we leave. I go to the kitchen and I pack up 2 cases of beer and a small box that is about 12 inches by 12 inches. You come out and the beer is ready so I grab the box and we go to the car. In the car, I play with your little pussy and I have you suck me some. You are very curious what is in the box, but I simple say you will find out. We pull up to the University, and you have a funny look on your face, I smile and simply say, we were invited to a frat party. I tell you a bunch of my old fraternity brothers are here and there is a bachelor party later tonight, so I thought we would stop by for a few drinks. We walk into the door and up to the lounge room. There are bout 20 to 30 college guys and an occasional older guy standing around drinking beer. All eyes turn to you when we walk in and you suddenly feel like a piece of meat in a pack of wolves. We drink and I walk you around the room, pinching your tits and occasionally lifting your dress so the guys can see your ass. I then have the bachelor sit a chair in the front of the room. The music is turned on, and I tell you to dance and strip for him. I whisper in your ear that you are going to fuck every guy in here, starting with the bachelor. I walk over and I pull out the box you have been so curious about and I open it. Inside there are about 100 condoms of all sizes and colors. I yell to the room, that all your holes are open for business, but the rules are as follows: 1) condoms for your ass and pussy and 2) they have to cum in your mouth. The next 3 hours are a blur as you get pounded over and over and over. You look over a me from time to time, and I am loving it all. I have been taking pictures and making movies, recording how perfect of a slut you truly are. After about 3 or so hours, I can tell you are exhausted, so I take you to the bathroom to shower and clean up. We ride home with a huge grin on our faces, as I tell you how proud your Master is of you!!! You are the perfect slut and Master is so proud to have you as is!!Master T


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Fucking amazing.

Friday, 24 October 2008

Another email from my Master.

I am a Kinky and wild Master my dear. An example of the way your life would be is as follows: I tell you we are going out tonight, but I will not tell you where when you ask me. I pick out a sun-dress and tell you to wear it, with no bra and no panties. During the drive to our destination, you keep asking me where we are going. I put my hand between your legs and I start rubbing your clit. I smile a wicked smile as I say " if my little slut does not quit asking, I will have to pull over and give her pussy a hard spanking. As I say this I give your clit a big hard squeeze which brings a little yelp from you. I then continue to rub and play with your pussy getting you very wet, but I keep stopping just before you cum. We finally arrive at a 5 star hotel and I smile at you as I say "this will be a lovely evening my beautiful little slut. I hope you are hungry!" I walk up to the front desk and I check us into the hotel. I have arranged for us to have a room with a window facing the main boulevard in front of the hotel. You look at me as we go up, and then you ask if we are having dinner in the hotel, to which I crack a jesterly smile as I say, "you will eat and be eaten my slutty dear!" We walk into the room and as I close the door I pull you to me and I kiss you passionately. I then grab your hair and pull your head back. I grab your tits through your dress and I kiss you again. I look into your eyes and I say " I want you to be a wild nasty slut for me...the nastier the better. Do you understand?" You nod yes. I rip your dress of and I throw you on the floor. I pin you down and I then reach into the goody bag I brought with us. I pull out rope, a ball gag, blind fold, crop and a huge metal butt plug. I tie your arms and your legs, then I lift you and throw you on the bed. I stick the butt plug in your mouth and then I stick it in our ass. It causes you to let loose a small scream of delight and pain. I then blind fold you. I start whipping you with the crop. Your tits, your ass, your pussy and your back. I then walk in front of you and I shove my cock down your throat. You suck me for a few minutes, then I walk behind you, remove the butt plug and plug your ass with my big cock. I fuck you for a few minutes as I spank your ass and I ask you "do you want to beg your Master for cock? Are you a cock whore and slut for your Master?" You say you are and beg me for cock. I pull my cock out of your ass, replacing the butt plug, and then walk around in front of you and stick my cock down your throat. I slap your face as I tell you to suck the juice off my cock. I then step back, and I zip my fly back up. I turn on some music, and then I pull you off the bed and onto the floor. I tell you to stay put and not to make a sound. I give your ass one good last whipping with the crop. I walk to the door to the room and I open it. As I had arranged, 10 men are waiting outside the door. They range in age from 50 to 65. Old men. Men that would never be able to touch a woman like you if you where not my slut. They walk in quietly and they each pull their cocks out as they make a circle around you. I motion them to move forward. They stop inches from you, at which point I tell you to lean forward. The first 2 cocks brush against your face, then the others move in touching the side of your face and the back of your head. I tell the men that you are my cock whore and cum bag and they can do anything they want to you. For the next 3 hours your are spanked, beat and fucked over and over. You feel as if you have swallowed gallons of cum. As the hours roll by, I finally see you reaching the breaking point. I wave off the men and tell them the night is over. I send them out the door. I pick you up and I carry you to the bathroom, where I run a bath for you and I help you clean up. We take a long hot bath together. As we soak in the hot water I rub your clit until you cum. I then carry you back to the bed, and I fuck your ass and pussy all night long!!