Friday, 21 November 2008

Am I wrong?

Hi Becky here. Had a row with Pete so a bit pissed off. Went out with Wendy my girlfriend as we do on a Thursday and got pissed. Went out to the local bar and got pissed, we are not to bad looking as not to draw atttion to ourselves so in no time we were flirting. I picked up a lad i had fancied for sonme time and let him fuck me as i was down a bit, and one thing led to another and we fucked twice as it happens, bareback . Well got dropped of then made up with Pete. He said he has never tasted or felt me so wet, he does know the differance should i tell him? Pete also fucked me twice Amazing. What do you think?


Merlin7 said...

I suppose it depends on how open the relationship is. I personally live by what they dont know cant hurt them. Hope it helps

"were not bad looking" get a grip girl your hot!!!

Great blog by the way!!

Artemis said...

I think you should enjoy yourself even more, have fun :p

JoJo said...

It depends, but if you can tell him then it will make life easier in the future and you'll not have to worry about the hassle of making your lovers wear condoms anymore. Besides we all know bareback feels waaay better!! And a lot of hubbies out there seem to enjoy going down on us after other men have left their mark inside us, I know my hubby loves tasting me afterwards :)