Saturday, 8 November 2008

At the Club.

Hiya, I’m so sorry but my life’s been a bit hectic lately, my hubby has been watching me more closely than ever, my bfs are being more demanding and I went out and got myself a job! Well not exactly went out and got it, but 1 came my way.1 of my bfs took me to a club somewhere in the midlands, called xtasia I think, and I thought it was gona be the usual for me, whenever I’m out with him he always takes me places where there will be plenty of people willing to use me while he watches and takes pics, there are so many pics of me now online I’ve even started seeing some with other peoples names on! This mobile phone stuff is too much at times.Anyway we went to this club and its sort of hot and horny you know? They have lots of places where you can be with any people you want to and a few places where you go if you are up for anyone who wants to play with you, my bf always tells me to go there.I was dressed normal 4 me, very short black satin skirt with full side splits, u know the type that are like 2 squares of satin joined at the top so every1 could see my stockings and that I wasn’t wearing knickers, a black satin bustier top that had the cups folded back in so my boobs and nipples were on show too and, black pirate boots, my bf made me walk from the street into the club like that, no coats allowed.Inside I had a few drinks and then we went upstairs where a lot of the public fucking goes on, there were a few couples stripped and fucking each other, it looked horny and I was already wet.My bf told me to go over to a curtained off area and to be a good slut.I went behind the curtains, it was dark and I was alone in there wondering what was going to happen, then some1 came behind with me and I felt a hand on my boob, then my leg and finally my pussy, you r a slut aren’t u said the guy, then the curtain parted and some1 else came in, and the curtain at the other end opened allowing at least 2 more people, next thing I know I am being groped all over, there were hands and lips everywhere and I was moaning out load like a whore, it wasn’t long before they made me cum and the my bf opened the curtain and told me to follow him, as I left the area I looked back and saw that there had been at least 5 people behind the curtains with me, my bf told me 2 call them 2 follow and any1 else who wanted.he led me to a different part of the club not far away, it was a super large mattress area that had a big glass panel for people to watch through, as I went in there he told me to take my skirt off so I did, the 5 guys that had been groping me came in straight away and my bf said, fuck the whore anyway you want to, she’s married and her old man don’t do her so she likes to take it always when I take her out. then he told me that this was the greedy girls area and that any girl in here was saying she was fair game for any1 that wanted a fuck, and there seemed to be plenty of single guys in here tonight and that I was not to get up from there until they had finished with me.I saw 1 of the guys talking to him and my bf laughing, the guy came over and said to the rest, she’s a complete slut, her bf told me she takes cock in all her holes and that if we wanted to we were welcome to do her there I was dressed in only bustier and boots, my tits and pussy on show 4 all to see and the guys started touching me until I was nearly going mad, then they started, I felt a cock between my pussy lips and another pushed into my face so I started sucking, it wasn’t long before they came in me and I started 1 long cum as well, then I looked up and could see a forest of cocks waiting, I was rolled over, taken doggy, tit fucked and sucked any cock that came near, soon they began to use my ass too, I lost track of how many guys fucked me or how many times, my bf reckons that at least 20 used me that night, my legs were weak when they had finished, at 1 stage I had 2 cocks stuffed up my pussy and 1 in my mouth and another time I had all 3 holes stuffed at the same time, I was in my element.after every1 had had their share , it was closing 4 the club and I was asked to leave, some bastard had took my skirt, so I knew I was going to have to walk to the car without it, and with cum dripping out of everywhere and over we were leaving a guy came up to me and asked if I fancied a job with his company, I would be a pa but would also be expected to keep every1 happy at his discretion, my bf said yes for me, the guy gave me his card and left.considering how late it was there were plenty of people about that saw me leave the club, the pub next to it is a haunt for black guys and they were calling me every type of whore and slut and asking if I wanted to sample real cock!my bf took me back home, hubby was away, so I could have a nice hot bath and freshen up, my tits were black and blue, and I didn’t think my pussy or ass would ever be the same!Still there have been a lot more cocks since then and I even found out that 1 of my bfs has been charging people for me!


sexy hotwife said...

Wow....sounds like a really fun evening you lucky girl~!

bdenied said...

awsome story and very hot photo....I love a girl who takes cum in her pussy and just lets it leak out