Monday, 17 November 2008

Poor Little Becky.

Poor little Becky

Chapter One___Drunk in the trunk--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------With me dressed in jeans & a T'shirt...& Sarah dressed in nothing but a fur coat, latex fetish gloves & patent leather boots, we get into the car & head off in the direction of town.After driving around the city all night looking for an unsuspecting girl to kidnap & take back to our farmhouse for a lifetime of bondage & slave-play, Mistress Sarah & me spot u stumbling out of the bar...alone & half pissed. Dressed for clubbing, u're donning a short, black leather mini-skirt & starched white blouse with a pair of oh so sexxxy, nylon stockings hugging your beautifully long legs. A pair of polished white stilettos decorate your feet & while u make your way down main street, my phone rings & I answer it....listening to the person on the other end before replying....'Thank u very much Gary..!!! We can see your wife leaving the club now...!!! The money will be wired to your account on Monday!'__& i throw the phone aside before nodding to Sarah...confirming what she half expected.At this point...(since u're dancing & singing while u head down the street)...u're still oblivious to us following behind u in the car. Its only when Sarah gets out & grabs u firmly from behind do u become aware of our presense...but its much too late to run. U try to scream but its almost 3AM & theres absolutely no-one around. Sarah has her gloved hand clasped tightly over your mouth anyway, so calling out for help is nothing more than a fantasy.'U're coming with us, u sexy wee fuck-slut..!!!'__says Sarah as she drags u kicking & (nowhere near) screaming back to the car__'we own your pitiful lil' ass now & theres absolutely nothing u can do about it..!!! U're gonna be nothing more than a worthless plaything for Ken & me until we decide u're of no use to us anymore..!!! Then we'll dump your naked, smelly....jism-caked self out into the country-side for some other stranger to pick up..!!!'Turning the ignition off, I snigger cruelly when i hear Sarahs words & i get out of the car before opening the trunk & yanking your bag out of your hand so i can read the ID inside.'She's not kidding Becky...!!!'__i chuckle...tossing your bag & mobile phone into the back seat of the car before retrieving a roll of yellow tape from the carpeted floor of the trunk__'now that we're certain we have the right girl, u're coming with us, u sexy-nasty lil' whore..!!! We've prepared a nice home for u bitch & thats where u'll be staying for the rest of your life..!!! By all means though....feel free to call out for help if u wish but it wont do u much good..!!! No-ones gonna find u where we're going..!!!! U're our prize fuck-thing now, forced into a life of filthy debauchery & endless torment...& theres absolutely fuck all u can do about it. Therefore, u'd be best stopping your fucking whining & get used to it Becky..!!!'__& i slap u across the ass a few times before assisting Mistress Sarah...placing u facing upwards in the trunk.Sarahs gloved hand is still clamped over your mouth but she pulls it away after i reach under your skirt & tear the clingy silk panties to shreds...yanking them away from your hot cunny. Then i give the damp, pink silk a good long sniff before scrunching them up in a ball & shoving them behind your teeth until they sit, jammed lusciously deep in the back of your throat. Almost immediately, u're coughing & spluttering while i slap several lengths of the bright yellow tape over your quivvering lips & chin. Then i use the remainder of the roll to lock your legs together at the ankles as well as above & below the knees.At this stage Sarah's holding a set of handcuffs in her gloved hand & as she forcefully pulls your arms behind your back & snaps the shiney steel ringlets tightly around your wrists, u let a dispairing whimper echo out through your newly acquired gag. A look of panic & fear as long since enveloped your pretty face & when i throw u around onto your tummy so as to hogtie u with an array of black rope, a salty tear trickles from the corner of your eye.'Why are u doing this to me!? Where am i being taken!? Whats gonna become of me!? Please help!!! Someone...anyone!?!? I'm being kidnapped!!! Pleeaasseee heelllpppp meeeee..!!!'_comes your somewhat pitiful, gag-muffled pleas as i forcefully yank your stilettoed feet up behind your back to meet your shackled wrists.Then i use the rope to hold u in that position...binding u at the ankles before tying the loose end of the rope to the handcuffs chain while Sarah gets to work with another rope. Smiling mischeivously at u, she proceeds to tangle the nylon fetter around u at the elbows...bringing them together until they're kissing eachother behind your back. Then she ties a triple knot in the thick rope & squeezes your tape-bound lips & cheeks with her hand.'Oh! Dont u worry your pretty lil' self Becky!'__taunts Sarah as she rolls your ridiculously short skirt up over your fleshy bottom & dishes out a good, half dozen hard spanks__'your fate will become clear soon enough slavegirl!!!'By now, u're rendered completely & utterly helpless...unable to do anything else but yelp & moan, tremble & shake....plead & sob in the boot of our car & when i roll u over onto your side, i can see a stream of sparkling, slavegirl tears flowing down your cheeks.Laughing evily though, i grasp the collar of your curve-hugging blouse & watch the buttons shoot in all directions through the air as i rip it open to expose your lovely, supple breasts. Then i give u a brief smile before leaning into the trunk to nibble & suck on your nipples...bringing them to full hardness despite your esculating fear.All u can do though is look pleadingly into Sarah unsympathetic eyes, as if to beg for release...but theres no chance of that now. U're now at the mercy of two total strangers & are completely sober as the pain of your bondage & the playful spanking rips through every limb of your body.'Its time to take a little trip Becky..!!! Hopefully u'll find it a pleasant & comfortable one, but i seriously doubt it sweetheart..!!!!'__teases Sarah, sniggering menacingly as she reaches between your legs to stroke & gently tug on the quivvering folds of your pussy before slithering two exploratory fingers deep inside u__'We're gonna enjoy plugging both of your dirty, smelly, cock-loving lil' shucks over & over again when we get u back to our bondage lair..!!!! U'll be mine & Ken's sex-crazed lil' whore for many years to come & u'll do all that we ask, however filthy or degrading it may be for u. Everyday, all day long...for delightfully filthy hour after delightfully filthy hour, we're gonna torment, torture & fuck u until u're nothing more than an exhausted lump of useless slave-meat on our dungeon floor. Then we're gonna torment u some more. Dont worry though...we'll let u sleep on occasion. They're plenty of cages, vacbeds & rubber sleepsac's in our dungeon & each'N'every one of them has your name on it. For now though, just relax & enjoy the trip..!!! We'll have u in your new home in an hour or two sweetheart..!!'__& again, Sarah fills the pre-dawn air with laughter before denying u climax by yanking her sticky digits out of u & slapping your pussy a few times.Just then your phone rings & your eyes widen with the hope of rescue when i accept the call. However, when I place the mobile up against your gagged mouth & ear so u can hear the man on the other end, your heart sinks upon realising who it is & whats he's went & done.'Judging by the sounds of those gag-muffled sobs of yours, i take it Ken & Sarah have u bound in the boot of their trunk already Becky..!!! Good stuff..!!! I knew i could count on them..!!!!'__comes the voice of your ever-loving husband as Sarah leans into the trunk & clips rubber-studded clamps to your wonderfully erect nipples.'I've known Ken & Sarah for many years & they're forever paying me to bring them slavegirls & this time i thought of u Becky..!!! Wasn't that nice of me...heeeheee..!!! U should be honoured though..!!! I got a lot of money for u...$2000 to be exact..!!!'__& again, your husband laughs in your ear while u begin to weep__'awwwe,, dont cry Becky..!!! U'll love life at Drool School. Master Ken & Sarah own your sexy ass now & they'll keep that tasty lil' pussy of yours nice & juicy at all times...& maybe, just maybe I'll see u again. Who knows....heeeheee. Until then though, i'm gonna buy myself a nice mail-order bride with the money u've earned me, & I'm gonna enjoy fucking the lil' bitch every single night...!!! Goodbye Emma..!!! Have fun..!!! heehee...' & the phone goes dead.Then all light gets snatched away from u when i slip a blindfold over your face & forcefully slam the boot-lid shut before getting into the car with Sarah & driving off in the direction of the slave farm....your new home...!!!! (END of CHAPTER ONE)-----------------------------------Reply to this in whatever slutty manner u wish;-) And i'll bounce Chapter Two in your direction (along with Chapter One again). LOL

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