Thursday, 23 October 2008

Email today.

Hello Beautiful

Hello my beautiful dear! I am a wild and twisted Master who takes kink to the extreme. If you where my nasty little slut, this is how your life would be!I tell you we are going out, to get the car looked at, because it has not been running very well. It is actually working fine, and you start to question me, so I throw you one the floor and I quickly tie your hands behind you. I gag you and I then start to spank you ass. I take my cock out and I shove it in your ass, as I tell you what a nasty little cunt you are. I pull my cock out and I walk around to your face, remove the gag, and I shove my cock down your throat gagging you. I remind you how bad your punishment is if you puke on my cock. I slap your face with my cock, as I pull your hair. "Do not question your Master my dirty cunt". I pull my cock out of your throat as I say, "You do not deserve your Master's cum yet, as you have not proven yourself to be a dirty slut yet today. Are you ready to prove yourself today?" You beg me to let you show me how nasty of a cunt toy you can be, so I untie you and send you in to put on a sundress, with no bra and no panties. You come out looking beautiful and ready to be my wild slut. We get in the car, and the whole drive to our destination I rub and pull on your clit, bringing you to a peak, but not allowing you to cum. This is one of my favorite ways to torment you and I take great pleasure in it. We pull into a run down auto shop in the downtown area. I tell you to wait in the car as I get out and walk in. Unknown to you, I visited the shop the day before to arrange a playtime for you. Inside the 6 black guys I met the day before are sitting around and laughing and joking around, waiting on the nasty white slut I promised them. I go to get you and I bring you into the work bay where a couple of cars are. I take you to the back area, and I then pull your dress off. You stand there naked in front 6 leering black men, who would never have a chance to touch a white piece of ass like you. I tell the guys I will trade work on the car for your asshole, which is open and ready for abuse. They have one rule, they must all cum in your mouth! I push you into them as I say "Show your Master your worth my dog cunt!" You start to pull their cocks out of their pants and you start sucking black cock. I pull out the video camera to record how well your serve me, so we can review it later and see if you could have been a better whore dog. The guys are pawing at you and trying to shove their huge black cocks in your mouth. Your pussy is wet and they quickly start fucking your little pussy. I look at them and I tell them your asshole is a perfect little white girl ass and to make sure the abuse it good. They are slapping you around and calling you a white slut as they bust all your holes with their huge black cocks. Tears are in your eyes, but I can tell you love it! They fuck you for almost an hour, each one fucking your asshole then cumming in your mouth. At the end, you are a ravaged little white girl full of black cum, like the nasty little cunt you are. I walk over to you and I lift you up and help you put your dress on. I smile at you and say "Master is very proud of you" as I walk you back to the car. We drive home, where I run a bath for you and help you clean up and wash all your holes clean. I then fuck you silly for the next 2 hours while I tell you how proud I am of my dirty little slut! Are you ready for this type of service my little slut?Master T

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