Sunday, 13 December 2009

Becky the slut.

Hi, people! Let me tell you a story about me and my wife! I love my wife and she does love me. I know she is a kind of wanton and horny slut, but anyway, I love every play out of hers. I think married couples should give more freedom to each other, they should not be narrow-minded and must give the better halves do what they want. So did I with my beloved wife, I think it consolidates the marriage bonds and strengthens the confidence between spouses.
This occasion happened 10 year ago. And still it’s been more than a year since it took place, I still remember that day in all details. It occurred on Thursday, this day started out like any other. I woke up, got dressed had my breakfast and left for work before my wife did. I arrived at work and found that there was a black out in the district and they were supposed to fix the problem only in the evening. We all talked for a while, being indignant with bad work of our municipal services, and then boss let us go home. I agreed and left after an hour. I pulled into my driveway and noticed my wife’s car was still there, I figured maybe she forgot something.
When I walked in the house and went to my bedroom where I expected to find my lovely wife, I noticed the door was locked and heard a lot of voices in the room. When I unlocked the door and walked in, I found there 5 naked men to my great surprise. One tall brunette man with approximately an11 inch cock was lying on my bed, 4 other white men were stroking there dicks and asked me if I was there for the orgy.
I didn’t know what to say first. They prevailed and if I said who I was and protested against their staying at my house, they would beat the shit out of me. So, I said yes, and got undressed, they told me that the woman was in the bathroom with other guys (!!!) and would be out in a few minutes. I said OK, as if nothing had happened, walked in the bathroom and saw my wife in the shower with her mouth wrapped around one guys’ cock. Another man was kneeling in front of her with his fingers ramming her like mad, and behind her there was another tall man with a very massive and huge dick buried in her ass! He was fucking her like an animal. I looked more attentively and saw traces of sticky cum on her breast and belly. She must have been in some pain, tears were running down her face, but anyway she didn’t stop sucking on the prick! Then she opened her eyes and saw me standing there.
She had a very scared look on her face and knew she had been caught! She stopped what she was doing (sucking a dick) and pulled me aside, and that guys’ cock slipped out of her ass. She grabbed me by my shoulders, she was crying and cum was dripping from her pussy, and some more semen was leaking from her ass and running down her legs. Guys were staring at us with eye full of shock and unawareness. She begged me to join her and told me that this was a fantasy of hers, that she wanted and had the chance to make it come true! So she did what she did and there was nothing to do about it. I could tell she was still in love with me and I shocked her when I told her I would join. We entered the bedroom again and told the 7 men that everything was all right and we were still having the orgy.
My wife asked me if I would go last and I agreed. She put herself on the bed, 1 man straddled her chest and shoved his cock down her throat, she started giving him deep throat suck. Another man lifted her ass up and slid his cock in her cum filled ass with no effort, and the other guy (looked like Latino) with his massive cock filled her pussy to the balls. She said it hurt so bad but begged them to fuck her harder. She took turns jacking off the other guys, who surrounded this foursome fuck and everyone kept taking turns at each of her 3 holes. It didn’t last long when 3 men shot their loads in her mouth and on her face all over, the big man shot an enormous amount of cum all in her pussy. When he pulled out it flooded out of her and leaked down on the guy that was under her inside her ass. The other guy shot his load inside my wife’s ass.
I thought it was my turn but these guys were all ready in the matter of second. The gangbang of my wife by 8 guys went on for another 2 hours, when they were finally done with her, she was covered in cum from her face to her toes! Her ass and her pussy were all drenched in cum! cum was just literally pouring down her body! When all of these guys left, she called me over to her, she looked extremely exhausted, she got all 8 cocks in all the holes, but she was happy to the fact that her dirty dream came true. I laid on my back, and she climbed on top of me.
cum was leaking from her pussy all over my balls and legs, cum was also running down her breasts and her chin. She then started kissing me, and I could taste the cum of those guys in my mouth, I slid my dick in her wet pussy, and my penis slipped in there easily. For me it was now obvious those men were huge, my cock was swimming into their thick cum, she was so stretched out that I could have place 2 fingers in her pussy! I fucked her over and over in her ass and pussy. Finally my balls built up a massive load and I dropped several big loads all over her fucking face!
In the end, we took a shower and she asked me to wash her, so we settled ourselves in the bath and I helped her clean all the semen off her and out of her. That’s was the day I knew my wife better.


The sensual stranger said...

God! What an amazing time. How I wish I was the 9th!
That has always been a fantasy of mine too....To be in an orgy or Gang style session. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

JJ x

relevent married guy said...

While I just hate the thought of any woman, and especially my own sexy Hotwife in pain, this post is just so damn sexy! I would to love to experience the thrill and absolute excitement of watching my own wife fucked by so many men. And while she would tell you that seven is too many, I think that it would be her lucky seven for fun....thank you for sharing this very sexy post!

JoJo said...

I just discovered your blog here, I think it's awesome you have this kind of open sexually liberated and progressive marriage with your wife. Bravo!! My hubby and I have a similar relationship, though I'm (we) are into me being a hotwife/slutwife for black guys exclusively. I'm a size queen now and experience has shown us that most black guys pack what I need down there. I loved reading about her gangbanging all those guys, to us, that is the ULTIMATE sexual odyssey for any girl to experience and definitely can bring the best sex most girls will ever know! I hope you guys keep it up :) Enjoy!

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