Thursday, 10 December 2009

From Dean a great fan.

Becky was sitting alone at the breakfast bar, when I approached her and dropped a note quietly on her table. The note read -

"Becky, I know your husband, Pete. We are old friends. I also know what you did last night. Meet me now in Room 306 or I will tell him EVERYTHING."

Becky almost jumped from her chair. How could he know? Would he really tell Pete?

Then she noticed the room was RIGHT NEXT TO Steve's room! 'Oh no.' she thought. 'He must have heard EVERYTHING! The walls were paper thin!'

She thought back to the night before, still exhausted from the fucking she had gotten from Steve & Paul. They had fucked her again & again in both holes. Her pussy & ass were totally sore. They had called her all those names.....

Becky walked up to the room 306. Her stomach was churning, she was so nervous. What would this guy want? She knocked softly on the door.

"Hello Becky. Come in please. Have a seat." He motioned for her to sit on the bed.

"Ummm....I....uh" Becky stammered nervously.

"Becky, as I mentioned in the note, I am an old friend of your husband Pete. I knew he had married you a while ago, but Pete & I haven't seen each other in a while, so you & I haven't met. I'm Dean." I extended a hand.

"Umm....nice to meet you, Dean."

"Relax, Becky. I didn't mean to startle you so. You really are quite pretty, my dear."

"Thanks. Sir, please, please don't tell my husband."

"Well, that depends on you, Becky. You certainly seemed to enjoy yourself last night. And these THIN. I could hear everything. I could hear the names they called you......I could hear you moaning and sighing.....and screaming. They made you cum, didn't they, Becky?"

Becky didn't know what to say. "Ummmm....I....please don't talk like that to me."

"You didn't mind last night, did you? They called you all those names - Bitch, Whore, Cunt, Slut. And I could hear you begging them to fuck you, Becky." I sat down next to you and placed my hand on your thigh. "Now, here is what we will do, my dear. You are going to undress and let me do everything that those weasels did last night. Everything! If you refuse, I tell Pete the whole story. Agreed?"

Becky started to cry. "No....noooo...please. I don't even know you.....and I'm very sore. Please nooo."

"Too Bad...You are very pretty, but I will just have to tell Pete." My hand rubbed your thigh. It slid higher up just under the hem of your tight skirt.

"Ummmm....please don't....don't tell him...I...."

"Perhaps it can be our secret, Becky." I slid my hand even higher under your skirt and felt the front panel of your panties. My other hand grabbed one of your tits and squeezed it hard.

" don't....."

I pushed you back onto the bed and slipped my finger under the legband of your panties, stroking your swollen pink pussy lips.

"Noooo.....please.....I'm SO sore."

Ignoring your pleas, I flipped you over onto your belly. I unzipped your dress from the back and unhitched your bra. I began to peel the tight dress off of your body and slid it down over your curvy hips and down your legs. You wriggled wildly trying to get away, but I held you down, still face down on the bed.

Your ass jiggles a bit, clad only in panties.

"When I saw that guy last night, Becky....with his hands all up your skirt and squeezing your ass, it drove me crazy!" I smacked my hand down hard on your butt, then again, leaving a red mark.


"You have got a beautiful ass, Becky." I squeezed it. "How many times did those guys last night fuck your asshole?"
Then I yanked your panties off, completely baring your butt and watching your cheeks jiggle some more. My cock was getting HARD!

I reached over to the nightstand and grabbed a bottle of lotion. I rubbed some of the lotion on your rump, and then pushed a couple of lotion covered fingers deep into your tight anus.

"OOOHHH!! OOOWWW!! OOOWWW!!" You wiggled wildly on the bed trying to get away. But I held you down and kept my fingers in your ass.

"Relax, Becky! I just want the same fun those guys had last night.
If you don't want me to tell Pete, be nice to me." I pushed my fingers in even deeper. My other hand wrapped around your slim waist and squeezed one of your tits.

I leaned down so my mouth was next to your ear. I whispered roughly into your ear. "You are such a SLUT, Becky. Letting all these guys fuck you....feel up your asshole and your cunt. You like it, don't you? little WHORE."

For you, the initial shock of my fingers in your ass had now turned to pleasure....especially with the smooth lotion.

"Ooohhh...oohhhh ah ahh aahh OOOHHH YESSS!!!"

"Did those guys make your cum last night, Becky? I could hear you moaning and sighing all night long. How many times did they make you CUM, you SLUT?"

"Oooohhh pplleaseee....ooooh oooh ahhh ahhh I dunnoo ah ah"

"Was it more than 4? You liked it didn't you? You liked being a fucktoy for those guys?"

"Ooohhh yesssss....yeess they made me cum...ah ahh ahh and I liked it.....ah ah ahh OOOHHH!!"

I pulled my fingers out and quickly rubbed some more lotion onto my stiff cock. I spread your cheeks apart and aimed it at your cunt.
I forced you to get up onto your hands and knees, and drove it into your sopping wet hole.

"OOOOWWWW!! Please....go easy...still sore....OOOWW!!"

Again I ignored you and began to pump harder in & out of your cunt. I could feel the slap of my balls against your ass with each thrust.

Then I pulled out and pressed the head against a much tighter hole......


"UNNGHHH!!! UUNNGHH!!" I speared my stiff cock into your ass and heard you scream loud enough to wake the rest of the hotel. This only turned me on more and made me thrust harder into your bowels. "UUNNHH!! UNNHH!!"

"Becky I told you I wanted EVERYTHING you gave them last night. UUNNHH!!"


"Damn, you are so TIGHT!! UNNHH!! And such a beautiful sexy ass!! UNNHH!! Gonna make me CUM!! UUNNHH! You SLUT!!
Aaaahhhhhhhh!! Oooohhhhh Woooooooeeee!!"

I unloaded into you and felt my sperm erupt into your asshole, filling it and then oozing out.

After resting a couple minutes, I then made you suck my cock.
"Clean it all off, and get it hard again, Becky."

We spent several hours in the room. I fucked you several times in both of your holes, filling them with plenty of my jism. I lost track of how many times I came. Whenever it got soft, I would have you suck it, or stroke it with your hand and it would grow hard and firm again, ready for more action.

Finally when I knew both of us were completely exhausted, I let you up so you could dress.

"That was fun Becky......and since you were a good slut, I won't tell Pete.....yet. But we will have to get together again soon. I will be in touch."

Kisses, Becky!

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